dimanche 22 avril 2012

Little Fashionista : Rachel

This is my first interview ever ! I was so excited to do it, my guest was young (really young) beautiful, ambitious and just too cute ! She is Rachel the smallest Fashionista i've ever met ! 
I walked in her "guest room" and i saw a sewing machine, i thought oh lucky mom, she has it (because I want one so so so bad) . Rachel comes in, elegant, very girly girl  and so cute: wearing a mini denim skirt and a hot pink sweater ! and then  I started asking her the questions i improvised: 

Hi Rachel, do you know I’m so so so excited to feature you in my blog! 
Hi Marwa, so am I, it's just too cool :)
So how old are u, sorry this is the first question that pops up in my head!
I’m 12
Niiice :) and whose sewing machine is this? ( I asked that kinda knowing the answer that it was her mom's duuh)
Oh that, It's MINE (I was like say whoooooooooot !!! ) 
And so you sew, I’m impressed!! (I truly am , I’m sure u are when reading this )
So what do you sew? 
Stuff; just making myself more familiar with it and with the fabrics, i sew small purses and shoulder bags. I once sew a jacket! 
WOW im really impressed ! u'r such a fashionista and a creative one too ! So why do u want to make yourself familiar with the sewing machine ?
Because I want to be a fashion designer ! 
And since when did u find it in you that you wanted to be a fashion designer ?
Since i was 8. 
You like flats or high heels?
Definitely High Heels.
What is your favorite color? 
Pink ( duuuh) 
What do you love when it comes to clothes and fashion ? 
Belts and skirts ! 

And this was Rachel's interview! Hoping you enjoy it! And wishing Rachel all the luck in the world to help her pursue her love for fashion and designing! 

Here are some pictures of her outfits: 

in this outfit Rachel wore the jacket she made : a closer look : 

Rachel's favorite makeup picks , true that it's her mom's but the girl has taste ;) well done Rach ;) 

and this shall be another outfit that Rachel put up for this post, cute isnt she ?

and so Me featuring Rachel as the youngest Fashionista and future designer  I have ever met is very interesting as the first feature for the M.B.O blog. I hope you Dolls and gents enjoy it as much as I did ! 

Be Optimistic, Be creative, Be Fashion,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic ...

6 commentaires:

  1. Malla farkha, elle habite à Tunis ?
    J'ai adore ton interview marwa ! :)

  2. yes she does live in tunis :) and thanks sweetie !!

  3. Cute! What a great idea, she'll be famous and remember that you're the first blogger who interviewed her :)

  4. yeah she is :) Im crossing my fingers for her ^^

  5. J'ai adoré cet article marwa , l'idée sort de l'ordinaire a vrai dire , bon courage et passe voir ma page quand t auras le temps

  6. merci bp ^^ c t un coup ce coeur pour moi ! inchalah je v poster bp de aspiring artists et jeunes fashionistas ^^
    xoxo j visite votre page tte de suite !