mercredi 18 avril 2012

Fashion Week Tunisia Day3

Sorry for not updating day to day the FWT , MEF is a priority for me and so i stay late every night writing the review of each day, and you can check my reviews on the MEF page.

Day3 of the Fashion Week Tunis was amazing and my favorite so far, sadly Jess couldnt make it she had some work to do, but Nessrine did and took great pictures as usual. I also want to thank Jess for the invitation because that's how my sister Safa could attend the FWT and be seated in the front row with me ;)

The show started with Ali Karoui, LOVED every bit of his collection, very Glam Rock, black and gold, Goth , leather jackets , spikes and studs rocking gloves , thigh high split,  and I found it incredibly SEXY !!!  the make up was basically black smoky eyes, deep red glossy lips and slicked back hair.  Here are some pictures :

The 2nd défilé was a collection called Rayhanna by Sondess Mahjoub Ben Moussa I personally wasn't impressed, as she used the Koffa just like Leila bourisha's the materials were gold chains, and colored rocks in blue , coral and orange.

the 3rd Défilé is Arrey Kono's, an african designer who  studied in Germany, Milan and Paris, fashion iconic places ! her collection wasnt very impressive either, but the makeup was, a lemon green shimmery lips, loved that !!

Seyf Dean Laouiti is the 4th to present his collection called "L'épine de la rose" from the very original and unique brand Narciso Domingo Machiavelli. I have to say that it was my fav of all the collections I've seen  through out the Fashion Week.  Punky hair decorated with red roses, velvet, lace, polka dots (my current obsession) , lace, and the colors were diverse: he used black, red, pastel, pink, statement Hats à la Birmingham, the Prada inspired sunnies,  models having fun on the podium and interacting with the crowd something that reminded me of the Victoria Secret shows, much much fun !! LOVED IT !! 


ABCB that stands for Amine Bendriouich Couture & Bullshit and his collection is entitled "Winter in Africa" very sarcastic !!!! his collection is a kind of trash , the Bullshit life style, a pyjama party, nothing and everything ! Salah Barka, Elisabeta Tudor and posed for Amine Bendriouich, they all were bare feet , very simple, the back to origins , the Bullshit. here are some pictures.


And since Jess couldnt make it as i said, but it was Safa, my sister who was with me, and i believe she had much fun. 

I was thrilled to meet my friend Nadia it's been over 10years that I haven't seen her ! she's Spanish she's Gorgeous and duuuh a Fashionista ;)

the details of our outfits : 

 this is a picture of a journalist I spotted who had a  Lagerfeld bag !

I also spotted some Dior, and Chanel ! 

Some poses Safa took at the end of the show on the runway ;) 

 Marilyne Monroe ...

 and to finish the post, nothing better than this picture ! 

Stay Tuned for the last FWT post ! 

you will find my full review on MEF website

photos taken by  Nesrime Mizouni  and Me ;)

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic ....

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  1. Love love love Marwa !
    Et ça m'a fait tellement plaisir que Safa ait pu y assister ! Vous êtes toutes les deux magnifiques ! J'adore les photos des détails.
    Bisou :)

    1. thank u Jess dear !!! you and Ness are gorgeous as well !! im so happy i met u ^^