mardi 24 avril 2012


I've thought about this over and over, I thought it will be such a philosophical controversial topic to blog about. but what the heck, I feel like it, so why not talk about what keeps me standing still, breathing, living.... Faith.

I know I can't possibly put it all in words or speak for you readers and what Faith means to you, I will be speaking about how I feel about it, how it makes me, Me Blind Optimistic, and what makes me the  Marwa I am today.
I have always been optimistic, I didnt know why or how, I just was (still i'm). Now I know why, it is simply because of the Faith I have in my God, in myself and in a better day, in the sun that always shines, in the "Indeed, there is ease with hardship" (94:5) surat al Inshirah; in everything beautiful in life, in the simple things that make my heart pound like a little girl, in the God that watches me and watches over me, in the certainty I have that He will never let me go, and that He Who knows what's in my mind and heart.

It's just amazing how someone can be sure about what one cannot see. Faith is about what you believe in, you don't see it with your eyes, but you are sure that it does exist or better that it does miracles for you. I have Faith in the God that answers my prayers and sees my hidden tears, the God who listens to my silent words, my louder thoughts, my broken heart. He is the God that remotes people i loved from me, and brings people I don't know to me, Do I question that ? I can't lie saying that I didn't , I DID ! so many times, but then the answer comes to me suddenly, He cannot be wrong, Never, They are, He knows Best and He is Wise. let's not dwell on that because it just gets me out of  my happy mood.

Last year I've lost my job, my Masters, and my life, but what I had in return was a sister ALIVE. I didnt mind losing every bit of my life for that reward I got, because i asked myself so many times what If had all that and not her, what would ALL that mean ? would she be back ? Nope. why freak out about things that went but that could be back any minute with God's Will and my determination then? I asked God at those hard horrible times to give me what seemed to be impossible at that time, and He Almighty Did ! He who is not seen DOES. Faith is about that, seeing the unseen, believing when everything turns into ruins and fall on your head, and yet you still believe, you still have it in you to see that light in a pile of darkness.

Everyone has his/her own version of Faith, but what is common between all these, is that Faith is what helps  you through the hard times, it is that thing that keeps you standing still when life is cursing you with all the names, Faith is there when Luck is sucking up to those who have rocks as hearts and watermelons as brains.

Faith is beautiful , it is that Blind Optimism, it is Me....

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

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  1. Le premier jour que je t'ai rencontré j'ai vu une fille pétillante, sincère, optimiste ! Ta joie de vivre est tellement communicative. Ton texte est magnifique !
    Que dieu vous bénisse toi et ta famille.
    Hug hug hug ! :)

    1. thank so so so much dear friend ! it's like ive known u forever walah ! huge squeezy kisses xoxo

  2. c très touchant ce que tu écris la et c plein de belle promesse d'espoir pr tt le monde :) que dieu t'apporte tt ce que tu espère <3

    1. thank u soo much dear :) i was hoping to pring some hope to this dull ygly world, happy u liked it :) thank YOU !!

    2. très très très beau et émouvant.... que dieu te garde en bonne santé et toujours aussi optimiste pour tous les gens qui t'aiment <3