vendredi 6 avril 2012

The Friday Outfit : Stripes and Polka Dots

Yes yes I know I missed a friday without blogging about the friday outfit, nor did I blog at all. it's been a hectic week, too tense and I had difficulties shooting the pictures, so yes i'm sorry :s
I have already told you gals and Dolls about my polka dots obesession this season, and I carried it on this week too, but I also focused on the Stripes which is going to be a hit pretty soon since summer is coming ! yaaay!

OK let me start with the Top I combined a striped  navy blue t-shirt and a black and white skirt, it looks like the top is consisted of thin stripes and the bottom ( which is the skirt) from thick stripes (mainly two ).

 I added to  the black and white striped outfit with a red Polka Dots cardigan and matched it with some red tights and black shoes. I was inspired by the famous black and white (or stripes in this case) with red match, I loooooove this "rule".

 The clutch was simple and a bit large, it is leather and has greyish shades, it somehow isn't far from the black and white striped theme. I love this clutch that I got from Boutique F (Frippe) it matches almost all my outfits, it's a classic for me !

 My makeup was simple as you can see, ( truth is that I never go for simple when it comes to makeup but I didnt have the time to do the winged eyeliner signature ) I put on mascara, some Max Factor silvery shade on the eyelid and as a highlighter for the corners of my eyes ( I absolutely adoooore this trick ! ) which makes the eyes look brighter than usual, and to break the red a little I used a peachy/rosé Flormar Lipstick that I LOVE !! The red lipstick in this case would be too much and would obviously ruin the outfit. But If you are wearing a lighter red, or only one red  piece, the red lipstick would make the look Glam !

Don't forget that Fashion is about breaking the rules and having fun ! Be creative ! Be Yourself! Be Fashion !

Top: stripped navy blue by Benetton,
Cardigan: red Polka dots by 365 Sunshine
Skirt: Black and white by H&M
Tights: Boutique F
Shoes: Black by New Look
Clutch: Boutique F
Ring:Blue topaze from Tunis downtown market
Earrings: Silver like by H&M
Watch: stars by Swatch

xoxo Marwa, Me Blind Optimistic...

6 commentaires:

  1. Tu es vraiment à croquer sur ces photos, j'adore l'association des pois et rayures !
    Bisou :)

  2. merci bp ma cherie !!!!
    xoxo Marwa

  3. I love the outfit!! And I love your hair!! :)

  4. thank u so much sweetie !!!!!!!! xoxo

  5. Well well skipped a week (a Friday)and left as waiting so we were expecting two outfits for this Friday :p...I'm just kidding ;)...So what I liked is that with every single outfit you post it's you're presence that we get..I mean it's always your mood which is reflected...For this week I liked how colourful you can be when you feel at ease and this clourfulness is in both your stips/polka dots outfits and in your enthusistic tone (writing)...Can't wait to discover next week's theme/outfit!!! :)

  6. thank u so much Myra !!!! yeah it happens to be happy for a moment, though i dunno how would i recover from yesterday's nightmare !! yalla ...