vendredi 13 avril 2012

Fashion Week Tunisia 2012

Yes yes yes I am attending the fashion week in Tunis as a  MEF  Journalist  and let me tell you : it's awesome !! very creative and i'm very proud of Tunisia !

 The  first show was Black Swan themed with tutus , lace and ballet dance inspired!
I loved the opening where the first on the runway was a ballerina dancing on some gothic/classical music that melted right away with the Angel /Demon ballerina look !

Alexander McQueen was very present in the collection with his  elegant eccentricity, other pieces were very  Greek Goddesses like taking us back to the Greek Era, Oh How Beautiful !

   So to sum up, the first day was about collections designed by schools of design in Tunisia ISDM , ISMMM, and College Lasalle,  and i was thrilled by the talent and creativity they all had ! congratulations future designers and i hope i will see your collections in Milan and New York ( why not, for what's worth, Dreams Do Come True)

BUT, what made my day yesterday more than the FWT was that cute lovely kind hearted Jess !! She was even more friendly than on Twitter , we talked a lot and I was surprised we shared more than i thought we do ! Kudos to Jess, by the way she has an awesome blog and she takes amazing pictures ! this is her blog

so here are few pictures of Jess and I yesterday.


to check my full review with details on MEF,  please visit our website  FWT day 1 review
and if you want to see all the photos of the show Day1 check our FB page
Photos taken by the one and only Nessrine Mizouni ! follow her on twitter

Stay Tuned for the days to come of the FWT ...

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh j'adore, et ça me touche tellement, j'ai adoré te rencontrer Marwa, et j'espère qu'on pourra partager beaucoup plus dans les jours à venir ! C'était un pur plaisir cette FWT avec toi :)))

    1. merci bp sadi9ati Jess, it felt like ive known u for ages ! such a bubly and cool personality u have not to mention the style! breathtaking ! xoxo

  2. J'aurais tellement aimé être avec vous les filles! Bravo pour votre travail professionel! Vous êtes si talentueuses et en attendant de vous rencontrer en "live", je suis contente que nous puissions échanger via réseaux sociaux <3 N'oubliez pas de me prendre quelques clichés du makeup des défilés :)

    1. merci bp ma chere Amira ! j'aurai aimé aussi que vous soyez avec ns pour la bonne compagnie et tes notes cotés makeup ;) hoping to see u very soon nchalah xoxo