samedi 2 juillet 2011

I say "they" , they say "they"...

This post might not look like the blog itself, optimism and such. It tells the way I  have always felt about how the world goes. How people act (including Myself).
I always say "they" have done this, "they" have done that to me, "they" are so( .....), how could "they" be (...) etc etc. however, I hear THEM say "they" too . Wait a second, if I say  "they" and "they"  say "they" , then who are "they" ?
Who Are "They", this is the question!!! but who can answer that? not me !
I, me and Myself have been suffering a lot from the "they" part; "they" do things, bad things, and I don't really react to the bad deed, but just ignore it( which is a reaction in itself! arrgh me and my paradoxes!!) and it really hurts, a lot, but then I find out that "they" say the same thing about ME ! How could that be? I am pretty sure I have done nothing to "they" and "they" are certain that I haven't been acting like a "friend", though I can say the exact same thing about "they" ( and much more). But at some point I begin to doubt Myself, saying: what IF I really did (...) to "they"? or what IF I am wrong and "they" are right ? (not possible of course). This can be  answered only when THE question is answered ; Who Are" They" ?
"they" are those who look like what you see, "they" are those who eat with you, talk to you, grow up with you, "they"  come in different shapes and packages whether as your elders, friends, uncles, cousins, people you saw once etc etc...
Maybe with time ( and Time has the power of healing) one will find it out somewhere in one's mind, or maybe Time will take a forever to do the job needed, but hey, what are we going to lose besides what we have  already lost, let's just wait to find out Who Are "They" ?