samedi 28 avril 2012

The Oscar De La Renta project Preview

hey hey Dolls !!

So today is my cousin's engagement party I've been waiting for to try on my Oscar De La Renta project I've been tweeting about for some time now !

I put up the outfit that i am going to wear lacking of course THE crucial element ;)
it's going to be my black  Zara dress, with it.
here is a picture ...

 Stay Tuned,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

vendredi 27 avril 2012

The Friday Outfit : How I wore the Boyfriend Jeans !

It's Finally Friday !! I was so excited to share with you Dolls How I wore the Boyfriend Jeans trend, and it's my current obsession !! and yes Ines, don't worry I havent converted, I'm still a blue freak ;)

mercredi 25 avril 2012

The Friday Outfit Preview

To my Lovely Readers !

Here is a preview of the Friday outfit, I know it's still 2days to come, but I couldn't wait to share it with you, it's going to feature my current obsession...

a picture may give you an idea :

Stay Tuned ,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

mardi 24 avril 2012


I've thought about this over and over, I thought it will be such a philosophical controversial topic to blog about. but what the heck, I feel like it, so why not talk about what keeps me standing still, breathing, living.... Faith.

I know I can't possibly put it all in words or speak for you readers and what Faith means to you, I will be speaking about how I feel about it, how it makes me, Me Blind Optimistic, and what makes me the  Marwa I am today.
I have always been optimistic, I didnt know why or how, I just was (still i'm). Now I know why, it is simply because of the Faith I have in my God, in myself and in a better day, in the sun that always shines, in the "Indeed, there is ease with hardship" (94:5) surat al Inshirah; in everything beautiful in life, in the simple things that make my heart pound like a little girl, in the God that watches me and watches over me, in the certainty I have that He will never let me go, and that He Who knows what's in my mind and heart.

dimanche 22 avril 2012

Little Fashionista : Rachel

This is my first interview ever ! I was so excited to do it, my guest was young (really young) beautiful, ambitious and just too cute ! She is Rachel the smallest Fashionista i've ever met ! 
I walked in her "guest room" and i saw a sewing machine, i thought oh lucky mom, she has it (because I want one so so so bad) . Rachel comes in, elegant, very girly girl  and so cute: wearing a mini denim skirt and a hot pink sweater ! and then  I started asking her the questions i improvised: 

Hi Rachel, do you know I’m so so so excited to feature you in my blog! 
Hi Marwa, so am I, it's just too cool :)
So how old are u, sorry this is the first question that pops up in my head!
I’m 12
Niiice :) and whose sewing machine is this? ( I asked that kinda knowing the answer that it was her mom's duuh)
Oh that, It's MINE (I was like say whoooooooooot !!! ) 
And so you sew, I’m impressed!! (I truly am , I’m sure u are when reading this )
So what do you sew? 
Stuff; just making myself more familiar with it and with the fabrics, i sew small purses and shoulder bags. I once sew a jacket! 
WOW im really impressed ! u'r such a fashionista and a creative one too ! So why do u want to make yourself familiar with the sewing machine ?
Because I want to be a fashion designer ! 
And since when did u find it in you that you wanted to be a fashion designer ?
Since i was 8. 
You like flats or high heels?
Definitely High Heels.
What is your favorite color? 
Pink ( duuuh) 
What do you love when it comes to clothes and fashion ? 
Belts and skirts ! 

And this was Rachel's interview! Hoping you enjoy it! And wishing Rachel all the luck in the world to help her pursue her love for fashion and designing! 

Here are some pictures of her outfits: 

in this outfit Rachel wore the jacket she made : a closer look : 

Rachel's favorite makeup picks , true that it's her mom's but the girl has taste ;) well done Rach ;) 

and this shall be another outfit that Rachel put up for this post, cute isnt she ?

and so Me featuring Rachel as the youngest Fashionista and future designer  I have ever met is very interesting as the first feature for the M.B.O blog. I hope you Dolls and gents enjoy it as much as I did ! 

Be Optimistic, Be creative, Be Fashion,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic ...

vendredi 20 avril 2012

Fashion Week Tunisia Day 4

This would be the last post on Fashion Week Tunis 2012, hoping for the next year's FWT to come*inchalah *! meanwhile here i am telling you what I thought about the Day4 of this very cool Fashion event ! ( yeah too bad it's not a whole week and only 4 days) . Jess and I felt like orphans after the FWT, and we missed all the chatting and all the giggles , Oh Good days ! But I'm thankful for the MEF  and the FWT for giving the chance to meet good warm hearted people a,d to see the Tunisia's fashionistas and all the different  fashion oriented people, very diverse, I loved it and I felt very much at ease to let my self /imagination go when assembling the outfits I attended the event with.

PS: Dont forget to click on the pictures for a nice zoom ;) 

The show started with the one i was waiting for Ahmed Talfit, i think everyone was waiting for his collection, and he did stood to our high hopes ! his collection was beautiful, feminine , innovative and scandulous (my fav part ) , peplum trend, traditional tunisian broderie, pastels, maxi dresses, veils and niqabs,tiarras  and GLASS, eyih Glass (shattered) the last model was the one that i described scadelous the model was half naked, seins à l'air ( the french expression suits it perfectly) countoured with shattered glass, everyone were OMG and tchik tchik tchik photographers couldnt resist taking a snapshot of every single detail of her, Talfit knew how to create the buzz, good thinking Ahmed  the show in pictures:

mercredi 18 avril 2012

Fashion Week Tunisia Day3

Sorry for not updating day to day the FWT , MEF is a priority for me and so i stay late every night writing the review of each day, and you can check my reviews on the MEF page.

Day3 of the Fashion Week Tunis was amazing and my favorite so far, sadly Jess couldnt make it she had some work to do, but Nessrine did and took great pictures as usual. I also want to thank Jess for the invitation because that's how my sister Safa could attend the FWT and be seated in the front row with me ;)

The show started with Ali Karoui, LOVED every bit of his collection, very Glam Rock, black and gold, Goth , leather jackets , spikes and studs rocking gloves , thigh high split,  and I found it incredibly SEXY !!!  the make up was basically black smoky eyes, deep red glossy lips and slicked back hair.  Here are some pictures :

The 2nd défilé was a collection called Rayhanna by Sondess Mahjoub Ben Moussa I personally wasn't impressed, as she used the Koffa just like Leila bourisha's the materials were gold chains, and colored rocks in blue , coral and orange.

the 3rd Défilé is Arrey Kono's, an african designer who  studied in Germany, Milan and Paris, fashion iconic places ! her collection wasnt very impressive either, but the makeup was, a lemon green shimmery lips, loved that !!

Seyf Dean Laouiti is the 4th to present his collection called "L'épine de la rose" from the very original and unique brand Narciso Domingo Machiavelli. I have to say that it was my fav of all the collections I've seen  through out the Fashion Week.  Punky hair decorated with red roses, velvet, lace, polka dots (my current obsession) , lace, and the colors were diverse: he used black, red, pastel, pink, statement Hats à la Birmingham, the Prada inspired sunnies,  models having fun on the podium and interacting with the crowd something that reminded me of the Victoria Secret shows, much much fun !! LOVED IT !! 


ABCB that stands for Amine Bendriouich Couture & Bullshit and his collection is entitled "Winter in Africa" very sarcastic !!!! his collection is a kind of trash , the Bullshit life style, a pyjama party, nothing and everything ! Salah Barka, Elisabeta Tudor and posed for Amine Bendriouich, they all were bare feet , very simple, the back to origins , the Bullshit. here are some pictures.


And since Jess couldnt make it as i said, but it was Safa, my sister who was with me, and i believe she had much fun. 

I was thrilled to meet my friend Nadia it's been over 10years that I haven't seen her ! she's Spanish she's Gorgeous and duuuh a Fashionista ;)

the details of our outfits : 

 this is a picture of a journalist I spotted who had a  Lagerfeld bag !

I also spotted some Dior, and Chanel ! 

Some poses Safa took at the end of the show on the runway ;) 

 Marilyne Monroe ...

 and to finish the post, nothing better than this picture ! 

Stay Tuned for the last FWT post ! 

you will find my full review on MEF website

photos taken by  Nesrime Mizouni  and Me ;)

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic ....

dimanche 15 avril 2012

FWT Day 3 Preview

I was there for the Fashion Week Tunis Day 3 too, Jess couldnt make it but Nessrine did, and had like usual the most pro photos u'll ever see !!

Here is a preview for you Dolls and Gents to stay tuned for the next post !

Stay Tuned ....

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

samedi 14 avril 2012

Fashion Week Tunisia DAY 2

FWT Day2 was an experience of the unexpected and the wow ! I was there to make sure you get all the info!

well Salah barka started the show , and it wasnt on the runway but rather outside, on the Cathedral's stairs, we were freezing but we forgot it all to concentrate on the show which was good !

young girls and boys from Kdance school danced on Girl power music and on their t-shirts were the names of Salah's assistants, sweet of him to acknowledge those who work herd backstage ! Good initiative Salah ! 
Sophia Sadek's husband posed with his very cute daughther as did many of the male models, the collection was themed Gladiator, featuring the sandals and the accessories: very manish very sexy and chic !

Two shows were cancelled and we had to wait for 2 hurs for the next show to come ! I chatted a lot with Jess and had much fun ! wondering what is she going to wear today hmmm.... :) 

Leila Bourisha  is a Jewelry designer who is very successful in Tunisia and she wanted to present to us her Sherazade collection  it featured feathersn Koffa, Gold and precious traditional rocks , the closing was breathtaking, the belly dancer that I just adore Esamahan she danced elegantly with the accessories and golden wings, very graceful !!! LOVED loved loved !!!!!! I think i'm gonna take her bellydance classes pretty soon ...

As de Trefle
the collection started with acrobats and mermaid themed show, makeup was aqua and lavender and golden shimmer, braided and accesorized hair , i witnessed  many trends like the Peplum, eccentric pieces a la Lady Gaga with puffy shoulders , and the bride mermaid closed the show !

here are some pictures of Jess and I and what we wore on Day2 ! 

to check my full review with details on MEF,  please visit our website

our  FB page  is

Photos taken by the one and only Nessrine Mizouni ! follow her on twitter

Stay Tuned for the days to come of the FWT ...

xoxo Marwa M.B.O...