mardi 27 novembre 2012

★★★ Welcome December ★★★

Hey Dolls and Gents !!
Hoping this post finds you well. Me? i'm doing GOOD, I'm EXCITED, I'm Happy, I'm in DECEMBER mood :) I'm sure you all know i'm a December Girl, A winter girl, and cold lover. December 1st is soon (yes yes my birthday too :p )and I wanted to get ready for it, welcome it FASHIONABLY :)

vendredi 16 novembre 2012

M.A.C Store Tunis: 5 years déjà

Dear Dolls and Gents !

Here i am today to talk to you about the small event i attended with the girls at the M.A.C Stores in Tunis, avenue Habib Bourghiba.
the event was the M.A.C Store 5th  anniversary in Tunis.   Amira , Jess   and myself ,  met there for the event, jess and I forgot our cameras (how cool is that ? :D ) so we had to use our phones (which explains the crappy quality of the pics ).

jeudi 15 novembre 2012

MAC Tunis Sneak Peek

Hey Dolls and Gents !

Happy Hijri Year, Hoping you all had a fun off day today!
Today was also not ordinary at the MAC Store in Tunis, Jess, Amira and I met for the event, we had fun !!  I will leave you with a picture for you to guess :)

Stay Tuned,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic ...

mercredi 14 novembre 2012

Style Stalking: Hanen

To my lovely Dolls and Gents !

Hoping this post finds you all well! Autumn is finally here, and it feels a bit chilly and warm at once, and of course im LOVING this weather, LOVE LOVE LOVE !! what about you dolls, are you more of a summer gal or a winter gal like myself?

Anyhow, if you have been checking out my blog, you would know that I talked about the SS project.
And here I am again to introduce to you, Dolls, the SS Project, which stands for Style Stalking. I've seen this Style Stalking section in many of the fashion blogs ( it just has different names) in Tala Samman's My Fash Diary  it's called "7 days in the style of" , in Lama's Life W Moda   it's "Style à laLife W Moda , I dont recall them all, but those are the ones i'm familiar with, i LOVED the idea of sharing other people's styles and fashion visions with my readers, to make them see another side of the hot stylish pretty tunisians ( the dolls but the gents too :p ).So I decided to.....STALK them :D nah it's not that creepy, let me rephrase :p I wanted to Stalk their Style throughout the week to give you  my dear readers, subscribers and potential subscribers an idea of how does the tunisian dress in the everyday life, whether it's for work, school or night outs!  

dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Get Ready with ❤ Safa ❤

Dolls and Gents, i missed you :)

Today is a post about my crazy pretty stylish sister, i totally fell in love with her outfit last weekend !
Fall is finally here in Tunisia, one day is hot as hell, another day is a bit chilly, but a real Fall Cold , THAT, we still are waiting for, at least, Iam...

Safa has chosen a summer black dress by Zara,  and paired it with burgundy tights and a very chic Brown/Burgundy cardigan by Mango, with black flats. Here is it in pictures :

the outfit