lundi 24 septembre 2012

DIY Sunday Facial

Yo Yo Dolls and Gents :)

Hoping you had an amazing fun fun Sunday. and this post comes right in time to brighten your Sundays and your skin too :)

I've discovered this facial DIY, and i loooved it! it's the Cinnamon+Honey mask.
Has your skin suffered the pollution, makeup, heat, sun and  sweat throughout the week? do you look like a zombie ? do you want to boost your skin AND exfoliate it at the same time? it IS possible, and it's natural and guess what: FREEEEEEE !

to make this sweet yummy faboulous mask all you need is :

mardi 18 septembre 2012

Blue Lashes

Yo Yo  Dolls and Gents !

Hoping this post finds in your bestest shape :)

Today's post is VERY Blue, but I've been obsessing about showing you guys what im dying for, a trend ive seen my chic stylish mother adapt back in the 90's, with her Revlon Blue mascara, Ive always wanted to wear it but could never do, because of my young age... years passed, the day has come for me to buy my OWN BLUE MASCARA, and blue my lashes away yes yes YES !!! (i Love You Mom :* )

I have seen the trend on runways, and fashion magazines, on Pinterest  and fashion blogs, but who needs all that to dare it, NOT ME! I love blue, im a Blue freak, and making my lashes blue blue blue is the least i can do :D but still if you are still hesitant about it here is the proof :

lundi 17 septembre 2012

Marwa Shops: Makeup Haul Part2

Hi Dolls and Gents !!

Hoping this post finds you well. How is your weekend going so far ?
enough with the prep talk :p here is the post you have been waiting for, the second part of the Makeup Haul.

I am loving all the stuff I got. let's start with the E.L.F order, i was dying to get that Stipple brush forever, and i finally made that order and got it with other products: a bronzing brush, a dark blue eyeliner and a highlighter stick (that i'm totally CRAZY about !)

One thing: the eyeliner's cap is broken, it doesnt close well :( i did notify them but they did not reply ! 

here is my order in pictures :
ELF Stipple Brush

vendredi 7 septembre 2012

Once Upon A Time... Sevda


And Im having one of those moments, those moments when i feel like i'm not me, in a very schizophrenic way.
This song, these lines, this very note....I could swear I heard them before
I could swear I cried over them once.
I could swear I lost someone, and this very song was playing in some dark coffee shop on the corner of the main street.
I could swear it was sunset, traffic was crazy, I was lost somewhere with my thoughts racing to catch my messy mind.