samedi 23 février 2013

Confessions d'une blogueuse, le Tag

Dear Dolls and Gents,
Today's post will be in FRENCH :D for all my english speakers, please hit the "translate" button on the right.

Bonsoir Dolls & Gents; 
Hier, je suis revenue du travail pour trouver Amira ma copine qui me tague avec toutes les blogueuses en tunisie (à ce que je sache) dans 12 questions. Une initiative très sympa de sa part, de quelqu'un qui connait vraiment la valeur d'un/une bloguer(se) de nos jours. Merci Doll pour le coup de pouce, notre Tunisie a vraiment besoin d'un peu de beauté et de Fashion, un peu de sourire et de couleurs.

mercredi 20 février 2013

Merhaba...ISTANBUL, A Food Spell (part3)

Merhaba Dolls and Gents! 

Hoping you are having a great week :) Today's post is the 3rd part of my Istanbul series ( part 1 & 2 ) and it's ALL about FOOD i know some who will be thrilled with this post :p

samedi 16 février 2013

Merhaba...ISTANBUL (part2)

Merhaba Dolls and Gents !

this post is a continuation of the previous post, my Istanbul trip.
This time it's going to be all about gorgeous views, charming weather ( yes  cold is so my thing, but you already know that, don't you ? :D ) True it isn't my first time nor my second time in Istanbul , but it truly feels like you are back for the very first time, it feels like you are back.. Home. strange isn't it ?
 I feel like i belong there, that those streets recognize me, those birds and pigeons flying around the Blue Mosque are welcoming me home.