vendredi 30 mars 2012

The Friday Outfit Preview

I know it's Friday already and no Friday Outfit post until now !! Don't worry the look is ready BUT I had some trouble shooting it, so,  to my defence the post will be on the blog first thing tomorrow (inchalah) but  I am not  leaving you clueless, here is a sneak peek of what I will be wearing tomorrow !!

Stay Tuned for the post !

xoxo Marwa, Me Blind Optimistic

mardi 27 mars 2012

Polka Dots I Love You ! ∴ ∴ ∴

I am obsessed this season with Polka Dots !!! I can literally swim in Polka Dots !
Polka Dots is a trend that will never go away, we've seen it on our grandmothers, mothers and ourselves. Now Polka Dots are considered to be  the new Stripe : We've seen in runways this spring  from Tory Burch to Luca Luca... it came in  every shape you could think of: a whole ensemble,  two pieces:  skirt and blouse or a shirt, both with the same print ( the dots' size was different though ), dresses, shoes, and even tights !  It is diffenitely  the Spring 2012 Runway Trend !!! They are available in inexpensive versions everywhere.

My Look of The Day was answering my current obsession, and so this is how I pulled off the Polka Dots Outfit:

 Blouse: brown polka dots blouse by  Adil Işık , Turkey
Cardigan: Boutique F
Jeans: Boutique F
Shoes: New Look, Dubai
Bag: picked up at a bazaar
Ring: Statement Ring by Mango
Neckless: Accessorize, Turkey
Watch: Guess
Nailpolish: Smalto shade 041
Glasses: by Forever21 Dubai
Makeup: I used the brown eyeshadow by Max Factor shade 430 "Shooting Star", and a black liner+smudge by Revlon

xoxo Marwa M.B.O

dimanche 25 mars 2012

S for Stylish Safa

     Looking at her styling herself, and yes sometimes ME, is just incredible, she is talented, Beautiful and really colorful ! All those who know her, can tell you that Safa (my young sister) ALWAYS wears colors, you will never see her in a full black, grey, or white  outfit (Oh yes she hates wearing white tops) Today she came up with this cute outfit : very stylish, very pastel à la beige, mixed with some Moutarde Top, and working her way down  to the shoes (mine btw ) and the large clutch. here comes the Beauty all Styled ...

"H" for Hope, Happiness...

How funny is it that some key words in our lives share/ start with the same letter H. Happiness, Hope, Heaven, Hell and some other words I can't think of right now. But of course I will not be discussing the Heaven Vs Hell dilemma, only the Optimisn related lovely words, Hope and Happiness!

It all started with a dream of mine, it was last night and I dreamt that  somewhere I was swimming in a pool , and as I was swimming I saw deep in the pool a light and wanted to swim towards it but it appeared that the  light wasnt deep in the pool but rather a window next to the pool, and the light was really comforting, pretty bright and it  felt just good. As I loooooooove interpreting dreams and its symbols and linking it to some psycho-analysis background I'd say that through the dream I am looking for some Hope, for the release, for the sunshine, but then I should not look that far, because it is nearby. waking up with  the Hope it gave me was such a blessing, reunited with the Happiness I've been looking for these couple of days. Alhamdulilah !!

And then I started thinking of the funny coincidencce ( knowing that I  don't believe in Coincidence nor in Luck) of the letter H . Hope  and Happiness are the synonyms of what Optimism means to me. I am constantly  looking for the string of lighgt, the little Hope that would make me Happier than ever. Practically ANYTHING can make me Happy and even Euphoric : a nice warm yummy meal, a raindrop, sunlight in the early morning, my morning Latte, the sight of my sister sleeping like an Angel (but then when she wakes up she's no Angel :D), a beautiful couple on the street, a nice outfit, make up, a prefect scent and many many other futile things, small things, big things...

Hopeful, Happy, that's who I am, Me Blind Optimistic...

xoxo Marwa M.B.O

samedi 24 mars 2012

The Friday Outfit: Monochroming

And here comes the Friday Outfit !! I'm so excited about this new fashion-related section in the blog !!!! REALLY excited ! I know that between a Friday and Friday there is my lazy ass not trying to come up with a creative happy optimistic post ! Oh Well ! I will try my best, Promise !!
So this Friday's Outfit I have chosen something BASIC, Classic and of course Chic !!!!   A Monochrome trendy outfit.

What is Monochrome? the Monochrome Trend is simply an outfit combining Black and White, it  might sound basic, but it’s a classic palette that never grows old fashion.  Monochrome is one of the simplest, most chic of looks to work whatever the year.  Monochrome never fails to gain attention when done well.
Monochrome is easy for creating a fairly effortless travel wardrobe, and it can be given the lift of the moment with a bright accessory taken straight from the latest colour trend chart. If colour blocking with paintbox colours is not for you, then go Monochrome.

 Ladies, Gals and Dolls I present to you my outfit well Monochromed...Photogtaphed by the love of my life: Mom

Think neutral. Think black with white. Think of alternating all black or all white garments with the opposite contrasting accessories. With this Classic outfit i added a bright colored Corail Clutch, ,a Green Neckless and of course the Blue detail, My favorite Swatch Watch and since I'm literally obsessed with the Polka Dots trend I had to wear these Baby Blue polka dots tights , that was my way to twist the outfit and give some liveliness, knowing that  Accessories can be the key to getting the Monochrome look so easily. Hoping you enjoy this yin yang outfit ! 

Blouse: white large by Sisley 
Skirt: Flea Market, black wool
Watch: Blue By Swatch
Ring: Statement black and white ring by Accessorize
Tights: polka dots,baby blue,  Flea Market
Neckless: Statement Neckless by Mango
Clutch: Corail color, Dubai
Shoes: Mango black booties

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

vendredi 16 mars 2012

The Friday Outfit

This post is kind of new on the blog, I have seen a lot of bloggers do it, as a "What I'm Wearing" section. Eventhough I am not a Fashion Blogger, I would like to add this section in my Happy blog as "The Friday Outfit", simply because Fashion makes me happy, Fashion makes me who I am, Me Blind Optimistic! And I am proud to post this outfit, not because it is the greatest or the Chiquissime, but because it's Blue.Ladies and Gentelmen, here it is....

Blouse: Blue&Green , Large.
Cardigan: Blue from Matalan.
Jeans Dark Blue.
Tights : Green.
Shoes: H&M Ballerinas, Black.
Neckless: Turkey ,Ismit.
Ring: Statement ring, color: Lapis, from Turkey, a Taksim shop.

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

mardi 13 mars 2012

Who I am....

Who I Am…

I am…27 years old.
I wantCarrie Bradshaw 's closet.
I have…the greatest family in the world.
I wish…to travel to Singapore and Séoul one day.
I hate…beef meat.
I fear…snakes.
I hear…Optimism in every single corner.
I search…for the perfect job to take.
I wonder…why the closest people are the ones who hurt you the most.
I regret…not having the courage to do what i want sometimes.
I love…my blind optimism .
I ache…when I see sick children in hospitals.
I always…try to learn from my mistakes and other people's too.
I usually…listen to my music very loud.
I am not…going to allow anyone to hurt me.
I dance…to cheer up.
I sing…in the car.
I never…go to bed without saying my prayers.
I sometimes…wish I could see the future.
I cry…everytime I feel blessed.
I am not always…kind with people.
I lose…my phone very often but always find it.
I am confused…by philosophy .
I need…to always feel confident and happy .
I should…be more determinent .

Who Are You?
(post idea from  

Stay Who You Are,

xoxo Marwa, Me Blind Optimistic...

vendredi 2 mars 2012


"I am listening to Istanbul, intent, my eyes closed.
The Grand Bazaar's serene and cool,
An uproar at the hub of the Market,
Mosque yards are full of pigeons.
While hammers bang and clang at the docks
Spirng winds bear the smell of sweat;
I am listening to Istanbul, intent, my eyes closed."

... and this is the poem that would perfectly express my love ad longing for Istanbul !
So I had this too short vacation with my girlfriend and sister in Istanbul, words cannot show how much it was AMAZING ! I had no plans at all for the trip, Ines had it all planned in her small carnet, and she DID a great job ! I needed some guidance, i know it does not sound like me but i had to let myself go, free my soul and just follow the lead. 

The moment I had stepped on Turkey's ground I felt Blessed, Happy, Beautiful and Happyyyyyyyyyy !! It was raining and elegantly cold. I had my Turkish friend  Hatice and Ayse her sister waiting for me at the Airport- it always feels amazing when someone is waiting for you at the airport- she took us to the hotel which was cosy and warm, and took us to Dinner, köfte  and beans salad yum yum !! Thank you dear friend for that by the way. Then we headed to the hotel for a good night sleep. The next day was sunny and just Beautiful the view of the Blue Mosque and the Haya Sofia brought me the sweetest memories ever, the sight of Sultanahmet makes me carried away in the beautiful city, remembering things I have lived, things I have never lived and things I wish I have lived. The Good company was there my sister and Ines she brought the over excitment, the "picturing everything every 2minutes" the thirst for the adventure, it was all there, and the best thing is that she was Thanking Allah for every single day for where we were, for the ability to have/live such an opportunity to see the world's wonder... to see Istanbul. 

The blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, the New Mosque, the birds, the small streets, the food, the air, the SNOW, the rain, the sun, the Turkish Fashion, the Tower, Taksim square, and every inch of IStanbul was awe-inspiring, mysterious,astonishing and every synonym of it. We have taken hundreds of pictures (and I mean Ines has ) and every picture tells a story of a smile, a crazy laugh, a fight and instant make up, a divergnece of views and above all the Gratitude for being there, just there and no where else. 

I left it but my heart and soul are still there, hanging out somewhere in Sultanahmet garden, playing with the snow and probably letting themselves breathe the fresh snowy air. I know I will be back with the special people, with Safa, Ines and Amira, Rim and Mouna and every one who wants to join the Turkish Journey, I know I might just meet new people there, and I love it already. Thanks to this-too short- vacation I am ready to Start Over, I am Fresh and Alive again. Batteries charged.....ready....steady....Gooooooo!!!! 

Istanbul, seni seviyorum....

 xoxo Marwa, Me Blind Optimistic