mercredi 15 avril 2015

MOA the accessories heaven

Dolls & Gents!

let's pretend i haven't been away and that we have been in touch for 3months and that i've been working on my blog, let's pretend it's just another day!

i came to talk to you about my recent discovery, MOA accesories shop in Ennaser Tunis that sells...heaven, LITERALLY!
I've fallen in love with the cute accessories, simple, fresh, minimal, fun with a hint of originality. You can find everything you want, rings, necklaces, bangles, midi rings, earrings, head pieces ( my favorites), scarves, shoes, bags&wallets, piercings...
I'm not a huge accessory lover, I'm not always in a statement necklace mood, but thing is i can't say No to some gorgeous midi rings or better..a glamorous head piece that transforms my whole outfit from a blah to a wow !!
Prices are quite reasonable, from 14dt to 36dt (for the accessories, but you would need to check the info)
Here are some photos of the things i spotted: