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Fashion Week Tunisia Day 4

This would be the last post on Fashion Week Tunis 2012, hoping for the next year's FWT to come*inchalah *! meanwhile here i am telling you what I thought about the Day4 of this very cool Fashion event ! ( yeah too bad it's not a whole week and only 4 days) . Jess and I felt like orphans after the FWT, and we missed all the chatting and all the giggles , Oh Good days ! But I'm thankful for the MEF  and the FWT for giving the chance to meet good warm hearted people a,d to see the Tunisia's fashionistas and all the different  fashion oriented people, very diverse, I loved it and I felt very much at ease to let my self /imagination go when assembling the outfits I attended the event with.

PS: Dont forget to click on the pictures for a nice zoom ;) 

The show started with the one i was waiting for Ahmed Talfit, i think everyone was waiting for his collection, and he did stood to our high hopes ! his collection was beautiful, feminine , innovative and scandulous (my fav part ) , peplum trend, traditional tunisian broderie, pastels, maxi dresses, veils and niqabs,tiarras  and GLASS, eyih Glass (shattered) the last model was the one that i described scadelous the model was half naked, seins à l'air ( the french expression suits it perfectly) countoured with shattered glass, everyone were OMG and tchik tchik tchik photographers couldnt resist taking a snapshot of every single detail of her, Talfit knew how to create the buzz, good thinking Ahmed  the show in pictures:

Laure Kczekotowska is the 2nd on the  FWT schedule, her collection started after some delay, it wasn't impressive, we've already seen all the trends she's featured: lace, tutus, leggings, the Goth and Glam rock inspirations. the pictures are here : 

Chouchic Design is a jewerly collection that came 3rd on the last day of the FWT, the collection features scarves  called  Keffiyeh broidered with peace and love signs, neon flowers, the bad eye and the Mashallah engraved on the necklaces and bracelets in blue coral and mint. I could see myself wearing this modern, arabic and sexy jewelry ! these are my picks !

The last and not least was Soucha  Mlihigue 's collection, and of course the waiting was a must, but this time it was a little more, but i think it was worth it, the element of surprise was what we were looking for, and we did get it ! the show starts with the model Salima Ben M'rad wearing a black and red outfit Cabaret style, the music was from the movie Nine , chairs were there to complete the Cabaret setting. his collection was very interesting, very Italian Glamour, very Flamenco a la espagnola , very Black widow style, I fell in love with it ! I hope you do too. Drama Drama... big tulle hats, sequins, zebra, jumpsuits arabian style these are the collection's pieces , chic evening gowns for outstanding Ladies , LOVE IT !!! and then..e7em....e7em..... some Greek Gods walk on the catwalk, and I mean it!!!! the men were dressed in a jellaba like in Black, with jewerly on and bare feet, very sexy i have to say ! and THAT was a closing Fashion Week Tunis  worthy ... *sigh*

On the last day I met Salha Jemail a fellow MEF'er and a fellow Blogger and a fashion addict just like us :) 
some pictures of us , PS: Dont forget to click on the pictures for a nice zoom ;) 

For the last day I chose a maxi pilssé skirt, and i combined it with a white shirt added a big black and white knot and nude pumps, I dared to wear my Mango blue  hat for the first time ; here is my outfit: 

Safa my sister and her BF Olfa attended the FXT on  the last day , here are pictures of both : PS: Dont forget to click on the pictures for a nice zoom ;) 

PS: Dont forget to click on the pictures for a nice zoom ;) 

FWT is over sadly, and my next post will be about my favorite FWT picks ! 

 Pictures taken by the One and only  Nessrine Mizouni  and my pics taken by Jess

Stay Tuned,

 xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

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