samedi 14 avril 2012

Fashion Week Tunisia DAY 2

FWT Day2 was an experience of the unexpected and the wow ! I was there to make sure you get all the info!

well Salah barka started the show , and it wasnt on the runway but rather outside, on the Cathedral's stairs, we were freezing but we forgot it all to concentrate on the show which was good !

young girls and boys from Kdance school danced on Girl power music and on their t-shirts were the names of Salah's assistants, sweet of him to acknowledge those who work herd backstage ! Good initiative Salah ! 
Sophia Sadek's husband posed with his very cute daughther as did many of the male models, the collection was themed Gladiator, featuring the sandals and the accessories: very manish very sexy and chic !

Two shows were cancelled and we had to wait for 2 hurs for the next show to come ! I chatted a lot with Jess and had much fun ! wondering what is she going to wear today hmmm.... :) 

Leila Bourisha  is a Jewelry designer who is very successful in Tunisia and she wanted to present to us her Sherazade collection  it featured feathersn Koffa, Gold and precious traditional rocks , the closing was breathtaking, the belly dancer that I just adore Esamahan she danced elegantly with the accessories and golden wings, very graceful !!! LOVED loved loved !!!!!! I think i'm gonna take her bellydance classes pretty soon ...

As de Trefle
the collection started with acrobats and mermaid themed show, makeup was aqua and lavender and golden shimmer, braided and accesorized hair , i witnessed  many trends like the Peplum, eccentric pieces a la Lady Gaga with puffy shoulders , and the bride mermaid closed the show !

here are some pictures of Jess and I and what we wore on Day2 ! 

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Photos taken by the one and only Nessrine Mizouni ! follow her on twitter

Stay Tuned for the days to come of the FWT ...

xoxo Marwa M.B.O...

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  1. J'adore lire tes articles Marwa, tu es resplendissante ! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jess !!!! I love your photos and ur writing style aswell !!! xoxo

  2. Bon boulot Marwa, j'aime ce que tu écris ! Merci de m'avoir mentionnée :)

    1. Thank u so much Ness ! and mentioning u is the least i can do, sorry for not doing it the right way( i mean by making ur name clickeable ) i suck in those thgs :p

  3. Great article, as usual :) Can't wait for more! I'm off to to see what you've posted there! Hope you have a fantastic day <3 xx

    1. thank u so much Love !! u'll find all the articles on and soon enough i'll be back revewing blogs as usual ;) can't wait for ur makeup posts on MEF !!! xoxo