jeudi 14 mars 2013

Chanel Event

Hi Dolls and Gents!
Spring is almost here, and i can see the allergies coming rushing to me, yes, i see blurry in Spring, because to me it is a Grey season, not in matter of color (obviously) but in matter of the middle part it plays, it is not winter and it is not summer. It makes you  think a thousand times before daring to wear light shirts and blouses, because you will always think :"what if rains" because YES  it does rain in Spring too, sometimes even more that it rained in winter itelf. enough greyness :p Spring is pretty, flowery, green and makes people want to go out and enjoy the sun.

Today's Post is about the Chanel Event i attented back in December 13th that you would find its preview post here. i know it's been over 3 months now, no excuses, i was lazy, voila :p

vendredi 8 mars 2013

English AND تونسي !

Dear Dolls and Gents!
Happy Women's Day to all the women all over the world and to the special ever shining tunisian woman!

So after discussing it with my friends yesterday( seeing how you tunisian fashionistas don't read my posts often because they are written inenglish and you would rather read in french, but you know what, French ain't the real deal, Tounsi language is ;) so guess what, i will adding a Tounsi text to my english one, Yay or Nay?

!عسلامة فاشنيستاز ! 
قررت من اليوم باش نولي  نكتب بالتونسي مع الانقلا، علاش لا ؟ 
مالا عجبتكم الفازا ؟

Stay Original, 
xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic... 

vendredi 1 mars 2013

If I were A Boy

 Yo Yo Dolls and Gents,
February has been a silly stressful month for me, I would barely go to work and sleep, not to talk about neglecting the blog, it isn't a lack of inspiration let me tell ya, but rather the energy that stress consumes.
well now Feb is OVER ! it's officially  March and March brings on the inspiration again, the fashion in me on its feet *sigh* and to treat you my favorite readers and subscribers, here is a Boyish post.
Boyish looks have been very trendy lately amongst fashionistas all over the world, some have themselves Suited Up Barney's Style like Jess, and some tried it rather Boyish Geek like myself, because, you know, Geek is the new Chic ;)  so I said why not mix it all in this post and have some fun with Jess on a playful , seriously tied shirts, kinda photoshoot, and i think it worked beautifully !