samedi 1 novembre 2014

Sweet November !

Dear Dolls&Gents,

I hope you are doing great great great.
Today is November 1st, God time flies by! I could swear last week was summer ! it scares me ! what if days pass by without me being aware of the valuable time that i'm wasting, or without doing the things that i've planned to do with my life! Scary thoughts keep haunting me these days, and I try to fight them by being optimistic and seeing the good bright side of life, and sometimes I get over my scary thoughts, other times those dark thoughts get over and win the round. But isn't life a battle composed of so many rounds, sometimes you win, other times you don't, and you get over it, stand up , dust off the bad energies around you and keep walking !!!

November is here, one month closer to the end of this year, a new month creates new chances, new opportunities, new energies and new visions. I'm hopeful again, I'll catch the time that's flying, I'll create new chances, I'll seize the new opportunities, and i'll reach my goals. After all, isn't November the sweet month, Sweet November...

Stay Sweet,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

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