mercredi 22 octobre 2014

Links I Love !

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Dear Dolls & Gents,

We all have this net addiction, i thought why not share with you my favorite links for the moment, the websites that i'm  loving and think they would be useful to you too ! here is my list :

Pinterest : Do i even need to explain that? Pinterest is my life, i don't remember a day passing by without me spending at least 20 mins pinning and browsing and searching on Pinterest, you can create your very own boards (think of it as real boards with real pins and real pictures) for everything that you love, for the inspiration you sought, or for the recipe you saved for the weekend, pinterest is vital and a huuuuge library where everything is found, and safely pinned.

British Vogue : no wonder vogue is one of the websites i love, i do love all vogues (minus vogue paris which is a bit too grungy to my taste) but british vogue is the one vogue i always reach for and read online, if you want to be fashion literate, check out british vogue, it has excellent descriptions, reviews and news!

Kickass Torrents : i'm a series freak, i love downloading stuff all the time and i'm hooked up on so many shows at the moment, kickass is THE website where you find the latest episodes of your favorite shows , it's not just tv series, i download books and magazines too, so yeah check it out !

Lauren Conrad remember the laguna beach LC? she's always been my favorite, lauren conrad has created her own website, it resembles her so much, cozy, pastel and basic, lauren pick her favorite everything and talks about it on her website, she picks very interesting topics like dating etiquette, all the how tos you would think of, LC has that covered, food, fashion, book club, you name it !

Yamli Arabic Keyboard : where have you been all my life? this website is a life saver, you type anything you want with the western letters and it magically turns to arabic letters, tunisian dialect, arabic fus7a, etc huge thanks to ines who introduced me to yamli and saved my life !

GoodReads : this is the book warm community, choose a book put it on one of your shelves ( read, now reading, to read) write reviews, connect with other people who share your reading passion, it's just a cool world of books you wouldn't wanna miss, trust me !

Divine Exercise : this is my favorite part of this website, health and fitness, it shows you what kind of exercise is suitable for a specific part of your body that you would want to work on, all you need to do is click on the part you want to work on, and it redirects you to the specific exercise, how cool is that?!

Like the post? comment below to share with me your own favorite links and websites !

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