mardi 4 novembre 2014

Fall Essentials Tag !

Bonjour Dolls&Gents!

It's Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall, YAY ! November has brought some really good vibes, great weather, super beautiful warm sunshine and a cool breeze, just the way i like my Fall to be!

My friend Salma from Instagram tagged me in the Fall Essentials post, and here i did it on Insta
( here), and for those who don't have an Insta account, i'm blogging about this for you guys !!

so without further rambling, here are my Fall Essentials: (sorry for the Insta filter)

Bag by Parfois: I got this bag in summer, and i've been obsessed with it ever since, it's perfect for me because it's nude so it goes with EVERYTHANG, it's not small nor big so it holds my lipstick, my driving licence and ID, a pen and a perfume, very practical, timeless and chic, w basta !

Moccasins by Salvatore Ferragamo: these shoes are so darn comfy, very fall appropriate and brown, so i can pair them with most of my outfits!

Reading material: Marie Claire France is my favorite fashion magazine in Tunisia, inspiring, fashion forward and affordable, too bad we get only french magazines here, i would have loved to get my hands on British Vogue or Harper's Bazaar !!
Desperate In Dubai by Ameera Hakawati ( of course it's not her real name, just a username) it's my favorite book for the moment, i've been wanting to get my hands on it since forever, and thanks to my friend S i'm enjoying it now, it's about the stories of different women from different countries, religions and cultures and their struggle with life in Dubai, the land of "promises" and "chances", la la love it !!!

Perfume Ange ou Démon by Givenchy, i'm not always in the mood for a strong perfume, but this one is always appropriate in fall time (and winter too), it's a mixture of many things, it's sweet, warm, spicy, woody and musky, i love its duality, sweet and strong, it surely is not for everybody, could be too strong for some or too musky/spicy for others, but it is my perfect Fall scent.

Lipbalms: flavoured by Flormar or very hydrating by Vitacitral, perfect for my dry lips, because you know, in Fall and winter and even spring ( and sometimes summer) i get very dry and go cray cray on lipbalms, so this is what i've been using.

Lipstick Twig by MAC Cosmetics: this is not a bold choice, it's my new lipstick, i got it because i wanted a nice fall not too nude not too pink lippie, and i chose it, it looked perfect when swatched and i realize now that i've made the perfect choice, i love the satin finish that looks rather matte on me without drying my lips like the matte finish does. LOVE TWIG !!

Polka Dots Pastel Blue mug & Fruity Tea: you know... for those windy cosy nights, you prefer staying in, reading or watching something on TV, the hot mug and voila!

What are your Fall Essentials? I tag each and everyone of you to do this Tag and share you insta posts with me, just mention @marwa_sagi on yout post and i'll comment on it! or if you are not into Instagram, come and share your essentials with me here and comment below!

Stay Cosy,

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