mardi 18 novembre 2014

On The Edge...

Hello Dolls&Gents!
I come to you today with a very basic outfit post. no colors, no prints, just a basic black, a basic cream, a basic nude, basta !

Lately, I've been reaching more for black, in my everyday looks, whether is it for a meeting, friends, brunch of family day out. Black was my one true friend back when i was a dark on the verge of being a goth teenager, it made me feel powerful and unstoppable, things changed later and I turned into a happier 20 something young lady who wears all kinda colours, red, blue, hot pink, you name it, things changed again, and i'm leaning more to black now, because it makes me feel SAFE, I guess it's natural, growing up to reach my thirties soon, i'm still trying to figure out things, life, people, and fashion too. And in the process all i'm seeking is some safety, some peace of mind, simplicity, so that i can think about all the things that are going to turn into other cooler things, maybe, or not. If safe means black, then black it is, but adding a lil something brings a certain something (hello blind optimism), makes you go the to the edgy side of things without really going all the way. Am I making sense here?

close ups:

So here is the outfit, quite simple, all black with a hint of cream with the peter pan collar ( col claudine in french) and my favorite Parfois shoulder bag that makes my outfits chic and tones down any edginess. On the Edge of an edgy look.

What about YOU? what color/print makes you safe?

Shirt: H&M
Blouse (underneath the black shirt): Zara
Jeans: Thrifted
Bag: Parfois
Shoes: Zara
Lipstick: Diva by Mac Cosmetics
Shades: Forever21

thank you my special friend for photographing me :)

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Stay Safe,

2 commentaires:

  1. Beautiful as always Loove the shoes :* <3 <3

  2. That's what I go for these days too! Give me greys, blacks and dark blues any day of the week :) Love love love your shoes <3