mardi 5 mars 2013

ISTANBUL, Fashionably Ever After .. (part4)

Dear Dolls and Gents,

Back to Istanbul for the final post, and it's al stylish this time. Istanbul the city of Fashion.

When packing i considered my many untouched bold lipsticks, the bold lipcolors i could almost never wear in tunisia, neither on the daytime nor the night-time, weird, right? Guys in tunisia seem to mistake the bold lipstick for an invitation to stalk the girls! Anyway, since i have known the turkish healthy streets i decided to dare wearing the bold stuff, the cool stuff, and I did ! it was mainly Diva by Mac, a matte burgundy/plum Kiko and a Rimmel by Kate, hot dark pink. Despite being the girl with the bold lips, NO ONE, NO GUY staed at me, NO GUY stalked me, and it felt liberating, i felt free very fabulous and very pretty!
Istanbul is the city of Style, the streets are full with girls who are so differently clothed, so stylish and so appealing to me! i wanted to do a Street Style photos of the amazing and very interesting outfits i have seen , but i was too...shy.
Istanbul is the city of Vogue Turkiye, InStyle, Harper'sBazaar, Elle and many other well known fashion magazines that have a turkish version, which is something i have always wished to be in Tunisia. High Heels, Red lipstick à la Marilyn, knee high boots, colorful tights, flashy coats, guys with the craziest hair cuts (often no cuts at all) piercings, incredible fab tatoos...

there was this store in a hidden street near Galata Tower, i dicovered it last year on my Istanbul winter trip, and i was very happy to be back at that same charming store, it is something unique, very oldie decor, Vintage stuff everywhere, designer pieces, very creative jewelry and very very very lovely people !

here are some pictures .

Day 1: Rimmel lipstick By Kate #06
Day2: Kiko velvet mat Dark berry

Day3: Mac in Diva

I Hope you enjoyed this bit of Istanbul, make sure you checked the other posts ( Part1Part2 and Part3 )
share your Istanbul adventure with me :)

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Stay Fash-Fash, 

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic....

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  2. Ohhhhhhh I love the rimmel and I have it haha ;)
    Pour la petite histoire, suis rentrée à Fatale un jour et suis tombée sur la vendeuse qui le portait et j'en suis tombée amoureuse! Dc je l'ai acheté et heureusement qu'il ne coute pas trooop cher non plus ouf ;) Et depuis bah je ne l'ai mise que 3fois dont deux la semaine dernière. tt simplement pck il est vraiment voyant ;)
    Mais finalement il est portable une fois appliqué ac un pinceau sans trop charger :) Du moins c mon avis :) En tt k ttes les filles au boulot m'ont demandé c t quel ral pck c une couleur qui "pète" la vie :P
    haha Sinon maaaaaaaaaaaagnifique la Turquie. Nchalah prochaine destination :)))))))

  3. Marwa :) j'ai adoré strawberry-chocolate shoes !! waww cela donne envie!! ou l'as tu trouvé stp ?? moi aussi j'adorais me promener à Istanbul et déchiffrer les différents visages et looks !! chacun est différent et personne ne juge personne ;) d'ailleurs mes premiers jours en turquie je me demandais pourquoi les filles (turques surtout) osent mettre des blushes & ral si voyants genre rouges très intenses (que je porterais que pour des occasions spéciales) mais finalement je l'aime beaucoup maintenant :) même si on est très maquillée ici, cela ne conduira pas à des faux jugements comme en tunisie malheureusement :( et grâce à cela, je me sens assez libre maintenant pour réaliser les looks que j'aimais ici sans penser trop ;) thanks for sharing ;)

  4. thank u for your comment of baby=)xo

  5. I guess your Turkey trip makes you feel good and free!!!
    I don't go out without my red lipstick:))) You can see different kind of people; some of them make bold choices, some of them cover their heads or bodies but we respect other's choices.
    come back again honey:)))
    I wonder Tunisia too, would you like to make a post to show there and guide us?
    kisses from Turkey!