jeudi 14 mars 2013

Chanel Event

Hi Dolls and Gents!
Spring is almost here, and i can see the allergies coming rushing to me, yes, i see blurry in Spring, because to me it is a Grey season, not in matter of color (obviously) but in matter of the middle part it plays, it is not winter and it is not summer. It makes you  think a thousand times before daring to wear light shirts and blouses, because you will always think :"what if rains" because YES  it does rain in Spring too, sometimes even more that it rained in winter itelf. enough greyness :p Spring is pretty, flowery, green and makes people want to go out and enjoy the sun.

Today's Post is about the Chanel Event i attented back in December 13th that you would find its preview post here. i know it's been over 3 months now, no excuses, i was lazy, voila :p

A beauty shop called Kisses hosted this Chanel event by a bringing a Chanel International Makeup Artist C.Faraglia to present and use the new collection. and he did, he was, how to say this..."French" :) less is more kinda makeup, he focused more on treating the skin first before moving to the MU. He used the new purply/ burgundy eyeshadow from the limited edition Quadra Eyedhadow "Regard Singé de Chanel" , some blush, mascara, gloss and that was it :)

ليوم بش نحكيلكم على شانل ، مشيت عندي 3 شهور Kisses beauty shop في تونس عاملين افنت Chanel، حضرت بطبيعة وصورت وهو يعمل لمرا Makeup  يعطيها اصحى خلتني نصورها. 
aventure مكنتش طيارة خاطر صار شوية "مشاكل" في "ميسالش" تصور و-"لا متصورش" وفي "blog لا " و" مجلة إي" ، mais bon الي يخدموا في Kisses يعطيهم اصحى كانوا متعاونين معايا وصورت فالاخر أما خاطر فدوني هاني بعد 3 شهور نحط فالتصاور ! 
وكان تجي تسالني كن نحبش نمشي مرة أخرى الأي افنت عاملينو  مناجم نقلك كان لا ، معدش عيني نفد مرة أخرى، فهمتوني؟ 

Now back to what happened at that beauty shop: having the pro attitude of a respectable blogger I called the Kisses beforehand to let them know that i will attending the event and i will be taking some pictures so that i can blog about it, i had a long waiting on the phone until i was transferred to the marketing manager i think (im bad with those names, marketing, management whatever :p ) i got an OK, cool :) went there, i had a long long wait for them to make some calls (was i at Miami metro police or sth? )they said no you can't take pictures sorry, i was like what !! but i called and you confirmed and i came all the way from my work on my lunch break just to do this! i was VERY very disappointed, they had to call the Chanel brand sth and she should approve, she did, and i was relieved for a minute until the  MUA himself  said that  if it's for my blog then no i can't take pictures! bottom line, i did take the Da** pictures finally! to describe that as an attitude wouldn't just do it, i know i should have left from the first 10 mins "calls" but i was there already and i didnt want to leave after coming all the way, i just did what i came to do. i have to admit that  the staff was sweet and very helpful though, but the Chanel thg wasn't really nice, arrogant and not cooperative! so if i had to do this again let me tell you that no i would not !

leaving you with some pictures would be fair after this long complaining text :)

: يعيشكم إلي وليتو ديمة تابعوني وديمة تشجعوا فيا، تنجموا ديمة اتبعوا مروى المتفائلة على

Stay Fierce

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic... 

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  1. Great Post Marwa keep going Girl
    marwa s'il te plait ta routine cheveux merciii

  2. J'adore te lire bettounsi, j'arrête pas de sourire :D
    Merci pour l'article Marwa and keep going <3


  3. Franchement je me sens ensorcelé en visitant ton blog, ma sourire ne s’arrête plus en lisant tes articles et surtout "bettounsi" !!! Je kiff ♥ Groooos BiZ Marmar!

  4. good post as usual marwa :) although i got angry after reading what happened to you with the Chanel brand, that was really unprofessional :/ i have to admit this post proves that you respect what you do and you respect your readers and that blogging is not easy. we love you girl :)

  5. Hahaha Marwa j'adore quand tu écris bettounssi :D
    Je comprends parfaitement ta déception par rapport à ce qui s'est passé, malheureusement c'est toujours comme ça...

  6. tounsi tounsi tounsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii arrete de nous parler en anglais bastaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

  7. @Vita Luna Spirit: she is FREEEEEE you can use Google translater dear if you can't understand ;)

  8. Nossa! que linda! eu uso as vezes a givenchy, mas nunca usei chanel :\