samedi 16 février 2013

Merhaba...ISTANBUL (part2)

Merhaba Dolls and Gents !

this post is a continuation of the previous post, my Istanbul trip.
This time it's going to be all about gorgeous views, charming weather ( yes  cold is so my thing, but you already know that, don't you ? :D ) True it isn't my first time nor my second time in Istanbul , but it truly feels like you are back for the very first time, it feels like you are back.. Home. strange isn't it ?
 I feel like i belong there, that those streets recognize me, those birds and pigeons flying around the Blue Mosque are welcoming me home.

What makes it even more magical, is the green color, it's green even in winter, you can literally smell the Spring freshness in WINTER !!! it's cold, very cold, true, but still looks beautful and looks ALIVE !
In Istanbul , it's Tourists season every season. another proof of it's Magic and Charm ! you resist the cold for the love of its smell, its food, its music, its history ! Istanbul is the city that stands still against all odds !

some pictures i have taken with my sister, Im getting better at this photography thing, am i not? :)

Istanbul is also Nostalgia, memories, hope and the Future..

i found this very interesting... for some reason
this band is giving a live show on the TRAMWAY !!! place: Taksim

for some reason i thought this would symbolize light through the darkness, too philosophical?

Yep, thats ME :) 

Caffeine effect, forever and always :p
i know this looks very cliché, but i couldnt help take a pic of my starbucks beverage :p

yes, the sight of the last few bites breaks my heart too :p

 I know you know i hate cats so much, they don't scare me but they disgust me in a way, but here i am posting this series of photos that i will be calling "Safa and Istanbul Cats" . Want to know why? ok, well Safa my sister, LOVES cats adores them worships them, and everytime we travel esp in Istanbul she starts to looks for cats and follow them around, and they actually like her !!!! it's an "ew" moment for me but here i am posting their ew pictures :p  EW !

some pictures of last year's trip...too :p

they look like they are the addams family cats, ewwww ! arent they twins? O_o

thank god we're over with cats now :p
let's just take a look at some random turkishness :)

darbouka show, right in the
Taksim streets, amongst many other talented young artists, it was a real joy :)

Hoping you guys liked my post. another last one is coming, i can't say it's tomorrow but it's gonna be soon enough :)

what about you dear Optimistics? have you been to turkey? what is your Dream City ?

Your comments always make me happiiiii

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Stay Tuned, always Travel,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

6 commentaires:

  1. LOVE itttttttttttt <3 <3 <3 next time together nchallah

  2. wowwwwwwwww honey what a nice post!! love love loveeee these pics so much:)))
    I feel it, you had so much fun in Istanbul! Maybe next time we can meet and have a cup of coffee. But as I said, the city I live is a little bit far from Istanbul.
    kisses from Turkey!

  3. What a wonderful city <3 !!!love it so much and the pics are amazing !! *__*
    those cats are so damn cuuuuuute. we don't see much of those clean kitties in tunis haha :p

    Thank you marwa for sharing you experience with us .


  4. Great pictures specially the cats i absolutely love them , so i was wondering according to you wich are the places that you MUST visit in Istanbul, i'm planning to go there on March and i don't want to miss good spots ^^

  5. wonderful pics ama certainement que chrit baaarcha 7ajet je suggère un haul si c possible merciii :*

  6. waaaw, you make me dream! I have a friend, he traveled the world, and he still says that Istanbul is one of the best cities he s ever seen! and that is a statement for me! I def have to go one day!