vendredi 1 mars 2013

If I were A Boy

 Yo Yo Dolls and Gents,
February has been a silly stressful month for me, I would barely go to work and sleep, not to talk about neglecting the blog, it isn't a lack of inspiration let me tell ya, but rather the energy that stress consumes.
well now Feb is OVER ! it's officially  March and March brings on the inspiration again, the fashion in me on its feet *sigh* and to treat you my favorite readers and subscribers, here is a Boyish post.
Boyish looks have been very trendy lately amongst fashionistas all over the world, some have themselves Suited Up Barney's Style like Jess, and some tried it rather Boyish Geek like myself, because, you know, Geek is the new Chic ;)  so I said why not mix it all in this post and have some fun with Jess on a playful , seriously tied shirts, kinda photoshoot, and i think it worked beautifully !

Me: white shirt and and a black bow and a "débardeur", jeans and some oxford shoes. Hair tied back with a polka dotted bow and the famous middle-part look ( seen on ruways and celebreties here ). Makeup was simple eyeliner with my recently favorite bold red orangy lipstick by Bourjois from the Collection Rouge Edtion nb 10.

Jess: a grey suit, boyfriend coat, boyfriend grey pants, pastel blazer and pointy spiky shoes (Zara) for the feminine touchthe perfect bag. Her hair was in a sleek ponytail and her Makeup was fabulous as usual with her bold lips signature and a smokey purply/burgundy eyemakeup. Perfection !

leave you with some pictures ...

Check out  Jess's version of this Boyish Shoot.

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Beyoncé wished to be a Boy, too, once..
If I Were A Boy, Beyoncé

Stay Boy-Chic

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optmistic...

10 commentaires:

  1. Great idea girls! I loved how you get together with a style in mind but with no idea what the other would be wearing :)) I also love your bows and the shirt and the lipsick and your hair OMG, I'd be jealous if I didn't luv ya <3
    Keep sharing the inspiration!

  2. wonderful amazing I love love love love love .............<3

  3. Looove the boyish geek look and your hair is sooo beautiful :)

  4. u look amaaaaaaaaaaaaazing ladies, what a great idea of which I'm in loooooooooooooooooooove
    marmar ur outfit is stunning, ur MU is just perfect (btw is that the bourjois #10 lipstick ? ybakki :p) ur hair is killing (knock on wood)
    jess is gorgeous, her MU ,shoes & style are breath taking
    boys would be jealous beleive me :)
    keep the great work & inspiration , ur a genious

  5. J'adore j'adore j'adore ! A refaire absolument Marwa ;)

  6. Radieuse, féminine et très chic <3
    J'ai adoré la tenue et les petits détails : les deux noeuds.
    A refaire les filles, hmm pkoi pas un look hippie la prochaine fois :D

  7. hi thank u for your comment of my blog babay xo=)

  8. ah, the sexy boy look!! ay ay!! should def try it !!