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Marwa Interviews: The Lady In Black, Myrvet

Dear Dolls and Gents! 

Today will be my 3rd interview in the Marwa Interviews section ( Rachel  and Sahar ) ! I kind of missed it, haven't you ? 
I miss playing the journalist, getting to know inspiring people, and most of all present to you my dearest readers amazing inspiring persons who -I think- can teach us alot through their experience and adventure, the risk they have taken, and the talent they have. i'll stop rambling and shall present to you the Lady In Black, Myrvet

I have known Myrvet for some time now but never met with her (evethough i have always wanted to) and I met with her few weeks ago, i was so so so honoured to have met a beautiful classy stylish lady, from a different era, I could not quite classify her for she looked quite timeless.Myrvet is a fasion designer and I asked her few questions for you guys to get to know her and her work more .. 

Will you present My Blak and Belkiss to DOMBO readers ? When did you start them ? 
I would be very happy to present to DOMBO readers both my fashion lines: My Black and Belkis. My 2 collections are my pride. My Black is as its name suggests BLACK, created back in 2009, Belkiss - I won't say a colorful one- has a bit more of color to it, it is a baby collection born in 2012. 

What can you tell me about Myrvet , the Mystery woman behind, not only one, but two brands ?
Myrvet was born in Germany, a mother to a sweetheart Belkis. Iam an Engineer who manages a Garment factory .Designing is my passion. I have never studied Fashion Design, never dared to ,to be honest ( i can’t draw/paint, but shh that’s a secret haha ) but my sketches are very simple and rather technical . I deeply believe that one does not study to become a designer/creator. The process of creation is not due to calculus or some lessons,  itis those passionate feelings  that are translated in a piece. There are some days, - sometimes weeks-when I cannot come up with a single piece, and other days I (burst with ideas) can fill my notes with ideas at once.

I have always had a thing for Black. It is undoubtedly my favorite “color”. I personally wear (almost) always Black. And this love for this color pushed me to make the step and start the very first My Black piece which was quite successful to my surprise. And from there My Black was born. Belkiss is my second line. In matter of principal, ideas and quality of the fabrics,Belkiss isn’t different from my first line, it’s rather with color and it focuses more on a modernized version of the Tunisian Jebba. 

How did you get the idea of starting your fashion line ? 
Coming back from Germany, and starting a new life here in Tunisia has given me the strength to make my dream come true and start my very own fashion line : My Black 2009 and Belkiss 2012.

What are your inspirations behind your creations? 
My pieces are feminine, nothing too complicated, for i love simplicity. I use different fabrics: silk, lace, guipure, coton, with sometimes a touch of leather to show that strong tough side of the woman.  I get inspired by ANYTHING: my daughter, my life, it hits me and I put it down on paper and make clothes out of them: as simple as that.

Have you thought about launching a clothing store with your brand name on it ? 
That is a 2014 project I’m working on...

Belkiss Blouses

What advice can you give young designers who want to start their fashion designing but are too scared to ?
Creating reflects the designer’s personality and since everyone is different, so are our styles, views and creations. You don’t have to go to fashion schools to be a creator, just use your talent, and you will get there. My only advice to you is to be yourself, be unique in what you do; you do not need to look elsewhere to be able to achieve beautiful things. Difference makes a difference.

*Photo credit: My Black FB Page

I hope you like the interview and through my blog got to know one of my favorite tunisian fashion lines and its creator Myrvet! 
My Black and Belkiss are sold in  Sisi Store , go and check them out, if you're like myself lately craving so much  black, My Black would be a perfect choice and if you want to add up a bit of color, Belkiss will be another option! 

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Stay Unique,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

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