dimanche 19 janvier 2014

My Thai Food Experience!

Hello Dolls and Gents!
Today I'm going to tell you about My Thai Food Experience!
If you have to know something about me then you gotta know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Asia ! I love the Asian face features, the drama (Kdrama ) the Fashion, the Beauty routines, their products and of course their Food !
few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I decided to make our wish come true, cross sth off our bucket list  and try Thai Food ! *knowing that I already tried Sushi in Dubai* and since someone already told me how awesome this cosy small restaurent is, we just went for it..

It was so small (smaller than expected tbh, but size doesn't matter, right ? :p ) and not quite comfortable, i guess they were not very used to people actually having to sit there, because it was mainly a "traiteur" as i have been told. Going straight to the point, let me tell you that the food was AH-MAZING !! OMG, it was really good, we tried to have different things with weird names ( the weirder the better hahaha ) i recall :
Bouantang (please correct me if i'm wrong, I kind of forgot the names :/ ) for example !

The Menu was a surprise to me as it was really affordable, as in REALLY affordable ! so the experince as a whole was quite awesome! the welcome, the food that was ready in no time, walah !
showing you in pictures :

عسلامتكم يا حبايبي !
ليوم باش نحكيلكم على تجربة المكلة التايلندية ! لازمكم تعرفوا عليا حاجة إلي أنا نحب قارة آسيا علخررر !!! نحب ماكلتهم، لبستهم أفلامهم ومسلسلاتهم  مكياجهم تفاصيل وجهم بلدانهم وكل شي فيهم! وطبعاً ديمة نلوج باش نجرب ماكلتهم ، وقررنا أنا وصاحبتي بش نجربو المطعم إلي حكاولي عليه ومكنتش ملعاكسين هزيت chalaguaty w malaguaty ومشيت! 
أول حاجة نحب نقلكم عليها إلي المطعم هذا صغير وقعدتو مش مريحة ياسر ألحق أما ماكلتهم تهبل إتدوخ ! بالحق دخت وفشلت بلعمل مكنتش نتوقع ألي بش يكون بالبنة هذكة !  حاولنا بش ناخذو حاجات إلي أساميهم غريبة علفازة هاها 
حسيلو  نلخصلكم الحكاية في كلمتين : الماكلة التايلندية طلعت أبن ملي انا تصورت بلعمل تفاجأت ! أكيد بش نعاود التجربة هذي وبش نجرب حاجات اخرين أساميهم أغرب هاها وأكيد بش نرجع هنا  نحكيلكم على كل شي !  هيا نخليكم تتفرجوا في التصاور ...

Thai Noodles

Beignets de Crevette
The Bouantang ( if that's correct)

very very spicy rice, forgot its name :/ 

here is where you can find the Thai Food Restaurent

and here is my Face Of The Day ( of THAT day :p )

Cliché Bathroom Duckface pic with my bestie !

So this post comes to an end, I hope you liked it, if you are going to try this for the first time, please do tell me either here or on the blog's FB Page , Instagram  by tagging me in your meal picture, share the Looooove  ^^

Stay Adventurous,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

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  1. Oh wow! Sounds delicious!!
    defenetly trying it!!

  2. OMG that looks amAAYzing! Reminds me a lot of chinese food which is my absolute favorite food in the world and which I can never find here. Thanks so much for sharing Marwa, I'm adding this place to my bucket list :)))) xx