mardi 15 octobre 2013

Fashion Week Tunis 2013: Flashback

Hey dolls and gents !

How are you ? how is life treating you ?
Today I come to you with a flashback post, a back in time FWT, to share with you my thoughts on it ( a bit late, hah, but never too late ;) )
Fashion week is one of the most exciting events in the year in the world ( if not the ONLY exciting event of the year in Tunisia !! ) where we get to celebrate Fashion, creators, designers, Art and the gorgeous models!
This year 2013 was not better than last year’s, In matters of organization, shows and settings. This does not mean it was bad, but just less than what we expected it to be. Changing locations was quite annoying, from Carthage Cathedral ( which I think is THE best setting for the FWT ) to La Marsa, and Sidi Boussaid ( breathtaking view but cold in the afternoon) . Shows not starting on time, Fashionably late, hah ? :D Cancelling the last day of the FWT (Salah Barka and Kamel Ben Othman) which was quite disappointing, let me tell ya !
Going to the FWT2013 as a  Middle East Fashion Reporter/Journalist is one of the most amazing things that happened to me ! Getting to see, observe and write about what excites me the most FASHION ! Thank you MEF  for this amazing opportunity! And what makes FWT even more interesting is going and working side by side with Jess  and Ness  the beautiful Mizouni sisters ! Meeting new people (  The Style Examiner , Mayssa from Mycosmobio , Mira from Les Lucioles  Natalie DeKoning... ) and meeting friends too  Sabrina from Vitaluna Spirit , Youssef from  Trends From Tunis …
Here are my outfits for the week :

DAY1 with Jess

DAY2 with Jess
DAY4 with Ness

Some details:

Some of the amazing people i met :

Youssef and me !
Natalie De Koning and myself
left to right: Mira, Mayssa, moi, Nesrine
left to right: Mira, Mayssa, moi, Nesrine
left to right: sweet wild fashion ladies , Jess and myself
Left to right: Mayssa, Nesrine and Myself
left to right: Mayssa, Moi and Mira
Chatting with Youssef

Sabrine, jess and moi , yeah i had to do the tongue :D

on Fashion Luxuary:

Here are some of the shows that I liked :

That would be it for today, i know no arabic translation this time, i'll rock the tounsi again, i promise, i just didn't feel like it this time !

Credit: Photos taken by Nesrime Mizouni

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Stay Fashionably on time ;)

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

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