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Style Stalking: Yasmine

Dear Dolls and Gents!

It's been ages !!!! I'm back :)

Style Stalking is back too!

She is young, very pretty, she has that chic/young/fresh/simple way to dress herself that we would say "oh man, this looks SO GOOD and simple, how come it did not cross my mind" her locks are gorgeous, and here she is, today, presenting the DOMBO readers her own different ways to a casual outfit, and her perfect combo for a night out/special occasion outfit too. She is Yasmine... take a close look, come closer...
PS: this post was programmed to be posted end of summer start of Fall, which explains the light summery pieces ;)

هالووو يا جماعة ! 
عندي بارشاااا عليكم وعل كتيبة وعل جو لكل ! مخيبها الدنيا ساعات تتلهى فيها وتنسى الحاجات إلي تخليك فرحان وعامل جو وتشد تركز مع الكوبي والفدة والقيل والقال ... شعلينا في هذا لكل، الحمد لله . هاني رجعت كان توحشتوني ، نفدلك يا ناري هاهاه نعرف توحشتوني ونعرف إلي برشة حبيبات سئلوا اليها وفقدوني وهذي حاجة تفرحني عالأخر، علاش؟ خاطر الوحش يعني إلي أنا في قلوبكم، ومنجمش نزيد نبعد ، كهو يزي !! 

باهي ، ليوم ضيفتنا ياسمين، طفلة مزيانة، صغرونة وشيك ! عندها ستيل خاص بيها، فراش، ملون، ستيلها يحكي عليها وعلى شخصيتها المرحة، وعلى قلبها الباهي ! أنا نحبها ياسر وتعجبني نظريتها فالموضة! هيا اكتشفها معايا ! 

Outfit 1
outfit 2
Outfit 3
Outfit 4
Outfit 5

And Now, what Yasmine put together for a night out/special event:

The Black Jumpsuit
The Greek(ish) White Dress

Here is more about Yasmine :

Moi: How would you define your personal style?
Yasmine: i would say that i have a very colorful and cheerful way of dressing. I actually own only two black pieces in my wardrobe. I love to experiment with styles and colours. I would say that i m not very daring with my style but i love the fact that my colorful wardrobe makes me unique.

Moi: Where do you get your inspiration from?
Yasmine: my style has developped a lot in the last few years thanks to youtubers.they are my main inspiration.i actually like bethany mota's( aka macbarbie) and nicole guerriero 's style. Selena gomez's wardrobe onspires me too.these girls casual outfits are so colorful,comfy and beautiful.
When it comes to dressing for weddings and celebrations i get  inspiration from the red carpet:when it comes to elegance hollywood starlets do it best.

Moi: What iwould your perfect outfit be ?
Yasmine: my perfect outfit would be a perfect curve hugging pair of jeans ,a daring colorful top and a pair of statement platform heels( 8cm at least :D) (not being able to wear heels on daily bases to school makes me sad)

PS: Yasmine has just started her own blog, check it out Business Beauty and Beyond, it's in English, it's pretty and smart ;) 

I'm on Instagram , PinterestYoutube channel and of course Twitter !

Stay Hopeful, Be Inspired,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

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  1. Thanks a lot maroo. wooow this made smile ! highlight of my week i love you boo :)))

  2. She's so cute, and I really like her style :) How old is she?
    Thanks for sharing DOMBO!

  3. She's only 18! good job yass, keep going girl.. you rock

  4. I love u girls, yasmine is daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn cute & stylish , great job

  5. oh love the greek dress!
    &the jumpsuit is amazing!!
    the girls is gorgeous!!

  6. elle est toute mignonne <3 أنا زاده عملت كيف على نظريتها فالموضة :D gros bisous marmar :*