samedi 12 octobre 2013

US Haul !

Hellouuuuu Dolls and Gents !!

How are you? If you're in Tunisia you know it's almost Eid al Adh'Ha, and everyone is so excited about it, yaaay !

I wanted to share with you today a small Haul, some stuff I asked a friend of mine to bring me from the US drugstores, Ulta and Walgreens, if you guys are familiar with the names. I'm sooooo excited to show you my little so very affordable beauty products !

الحاجات هاذم مش موجودين في تونس 

Wet N Wild, 738 Comfort Zone

Swatches 1
Swatches 2
Real Techniques, Blush Brush
NYX Xtreme Lip cream, in Strawberry Jam


EOS, lip balm in Strawberry SOrbet , 95% organic

Wet N Wild Comfort Zone Palette:
Pigmentation: Excellent, hbél
Colors: perfect for every occasion, and with those indicators: crease, browbone etc it makes it even easier to do many looks with it !
Price: 4.99$ ( i mean SERIOUSLY , it's cheaper than a Starbucks frappuccino and any crappy eyeshadow palette !!!!!!! )

Real Techniques Bluch Brush: 
Quality: synthetic, so so so so so good, i washed it, no falling hairs, no stain, nthg, just perfect
Application: so so so so so so so so SOFT, and just perfect with the blush, im also thinking about trying it with foundation, what do you think ?
Price: 8.99$ , very affordable !!

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Strawberry Jam :
Color: it's just the perfect pink for me now, it's actually for my sister Safa, but i tried it and loved it, the colors suits her ( lighter skin than me) and suits me too with my darker skin !
LongLasting? yes it does last for 2 to 3 hours but you'll need to re-apply it again after eating
Texture: very creamy, it's like those liquid lipsticks, it's creamy enough not to dry the lips and keep them soft and good looking.
Price: 5.99$

EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry Sorbet: 
Argh, so so so good! it makes my lips crazy soft, moistrizing and smells and tastes AMAZING ! and guess what it's 95% organic, 100% Natural, free of Parabens, Petroleum and Gluten !!!
Price: 3.49 $ (3.24$ on EOS website )

This is it for today, I hope you liked my small haul, tell me what do you think? do you have any of these? are you planning to get them ? leave me your comments !!

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Stay Bright like a Diamooooond, 

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

6 commentaires:

  1. Saha Marwa ! J'ai le même gloss Nyx, je l'adore !
    J'ai aussi une palette Wet N Wild dans les tons violet, je ne suis pas trop fan...
    J'attends que tu nous fasses des tutos avec la tienne :)

  2. Sa77a !! :D You're one lucky girl !!! Hope we'll see tutos soon on your channel !! :D <3 <3

  3. im not a beauty girl so ur posts r very helpul

  4. Sa7a sa7a :D
    waiting for the tutos !! Keep up the same spirit

  5. Sa7a marwaaaa !!! WAAAW the prices are surprisingly low there !!!!! especially for the real techniques brush , unbelievable !!! if only i could go to the US *__*
    t'a fait un bon affaire wallah ;) Very nice haul marwaa <3 i'm still shocked (in good way) by the prices haha


  6. sa7a marmar, le gloss NYX yfata9 <3 je ne sais pas ce que j'attends pour passer une commande 100% NYX :D
    gros bisous :*