vendredi 4 octobre 2013

Plaids, Plaids EVERYWHERE !

Hey Dolls and Gents !

Fall is here (well technically not really, cause here in tunisia, it is SUMMER!)  BUT i'm all ready for Fall, i started my seach for the perfect pieces to create many different looks, until... i stumbled upon Plaids, it's like going back in time, back in the 90's, my golden decade! so here are 2 ways to style this Plaids shirt, for work, Uni, or a meeting to a more relaxed girly look, for a girls night out, a brunch or a date, all I did was change the bottom, tied the blouse , put on colorful shoes ,a nude clutch and VOILA !

عسلامتكم ! 
ليوم جيتكم بحاجة جديدة، صفاء أختي ، لابسة شميز كارو (Plaids) ، إلي هي خارجة ياسر في هل خريف والشتاء زادة، تتفكروها الشميز قده خرجت في اعوام التسعينات ؟ يا حسرة !! حاولت باش منبدلش ياسر فاللبسة بش نتنقل من لوك إلى لوك بدلت حاجة قليلة ، مل سروال إلى جوب، ربطت الشميز ورديت الفاست "hip" شوية ، اه إي وبدلت السباط والساك !   انتوما زادة تنجموا من شميز تعملوا أكثر من لوك يهزكم للخدمة و يخرجكم مع صحابكم زادة ، جوست تعرفوا كفة تنسقوا حويجكم، وتختار ألوان مناسبة وكهو !

Look 1

Look 2

Blazer: Shana
Shirt: Lafayette, Tunis
Skirt and pants: thrift shop
Shoes: Aldo
Clutch: Aldo
Shoulder Bag: Guess
Necklace: Claire's

Back in 2012, i wore Plaids too ;)

This is how they wore it :

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Stay Lovely,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optmistic...

12 commentaires:

  1. genius!!
    we saw plaids everywhere this season!!

  2. les shoes OMG st a tomber par terre! g un faible pr le second look :))) je te félicites pr le bon gout !

  3. très classe! ça fait longtemps qu'on avait pas vues un look ici! je te félicite maroua! tbarkallah ta soeur est très jolie

  4. niiice =) mais j'ai une question c'est où la boutique Claire's en Tunisie???

  5. J'adore les deux look <3 ce post est digne d'être publié dans un magazine mode <3
    Bravo marmar et gros bisous à ta soeur, elle est sublime <3

  6. J'aiiiiime :* merci marwa pour les idées eta7founin hedom

  7. I wore plaids all through highschool :) Thanks for letting me know they're back in style :) I like both looks, but you know me, I'd most likely stick to the more classic look1 haha :) Safa is just the perfect model, love her poses <3 And I love how you pay attention to detail with the shoes and bag on the shelves in the backgroud! The different effects are nice too!
    Please keep up the good work!

  8. Mad about this trend !

  9. it's been more than 10 years that i haven't worn plaids !!!!! whyyy ?!! haha ... i'm going to try it again since the trend is back that's for sure ;) ;) the first look is to die for <3 i loooooooooove it <3 great job girls :*


  10. j'aime beaucoup et le détail qui tue c'est la déco derrière ou quand la passion transforme les chaussures en objets déco bravo les filles