vendredi 7 septembre 2012

Once Upon A Time... Sevda


And Im having one of those moments, those moments when i feel like i'm not me, in a very schizophrenic way.
This song, these lines, this very note....I could swear I heard them before
I could swear I cried over them once.
I could swear I lost someone, and this very song was playing in some dark coffee shop on the corner of the main street.
I could swear it was sunset, traffic was crazy, I was lost somewhere with my thoughts racing to catch my messy mind.

I could swear I had a fight with that guy I never knew, and he wanted me to stay, but i , i, i, i  just had to leave..
I could swear a loved one left and i spent a nightmarish evening.
I could swear the high note was meant for that tear i shed that same second.
I could swear I've  just finished the registration process and boarded on the plane, and flew somewhere snowy. I asked the flight attendant to bring me a dark hot coffee for I was feeling a bit chilly despite the warmth  of the plane

old school : the piece of paper  and the pen...

I could swear i packed unusually light: some woolen sweaters and some of my favorite books..
I could swear no one waited for me at the airport that day because no one was left for me in this life, I took a cab and headed somewhere I didn't know.
I could swear Husnu Senlendirici was playing Sevda somewhere, he was playing it for me...
I could swear I left the world that day, for a better world.
I could swear that Once Upon A Time, Sevda was Me....

Be Schizophrenic ...

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

5 commentaires:

  1. The music with those couple of lines !!!! Oh my, extremely touching , meserizing as if it was played for me , written for me , I felt every single word & note
    dunno what's wrong with me, but I cried cried cried & Im still right now, eyes filled up with tears dunno what have u just done to me ..... Best post ever , ur a genious

    1. thank u sooo much sahar for the incredibly touching comment ! im glad u related to it and u like these random thoughts! i almost never that amount of feelings, but when i did i made sure it was shared with u gals :*
      xoxo marwa

  2. The blue background is very appropriate for a blue lover who's feeling blue :) This free style post is dreamy, poetic, lonely and optimistic at the same time:) I'm sure you're sharing some of your innermost ramblings with us. So thank you for giving us readers a glimpse inside that cute little head of yours, it was quite a ride!
    Hope you figure it all out somehow ... :*

    1. thank u sooo much sweetie for the comment! yes i had a moment of blues and i had to share it with u gals :) that song is amazing eventhu it makes me feel the worst ! oh well , writing it down makes it better, a lot better ...
      xoxo marwa