lundi 17 septembre 2012

Marwa Shops: Makeup Haul Part2

Hi Dolls and Gents !!

Hoping this post finds you well. How is your weekend going so far ?
enough with the prep talk :p here is the post you have been waiting for, the second part of the Makeup Haul.

I am loving all the stuff I got. let's start with the E.L.F order, i was dying to get that Stipple brush forever, and i finally made that order and got it with other products: a bronzing brush, a dark blue eyeliner and a highlighter stick (that i'm totally CRAZY about !)

One thing: the eyeliner's cap is broken, it doesnt close well :( i did notify them but they did not reply ! 

here is my order in pictures :
ELF Stipple Brush

ELF Angled Bronzing brush

ELF liquid eyeliner, Midnight #4204

Stick fondant 3in1 Lilac Petal 3103

and those were the ELF products i ordered and i am quite happy with ! the Stipple brush works like magic ! i find the bronzing brush a bit small (or smaller than i thought it would be) but it's effective. the eyeliner and the highlighter stick are AMAZING! so yes, ELF i'm quite satisfied (not with the top of the eyeliner though).

Here is my other MU purchases : 

Kost nailpolish #

Rimmel lipstick By Kate #09

how it looks under the sunlight, but it looks darker in real life

Bourjois Blusher #85 Sienne

my Fav new Mascara : Rimmel's  103 Electric Blue

Beautique Angled Brush #013

Elégant eyeshadow #14

Kolsi deep red lipliner 
That's All ;) 

Hope you liked my Haul spécial Makeup :) 

What did you buy recently? any MU ? Have you tried an of these products ? if so id love it if you share it with me in your comments :) 

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ELF  Order:

ELF Stipple Brush: 17dt
ELF Bronzing Brush : 8dt
ELF Stick Fondant 3in1: 8dt
ELF Liquid Eyeliner : 7dt

my other purchases: 

KOST nailpolish: 3.2dt
Rimmel Lipstick : 12dt
Rimmel's electric blue mascara: 15dt
Bourjois Blush : 16dt
Beautique angeled brush: 2.5dt
Elegant eyeshadow: 4dt ( in sale) 
Kolsi red lipliner ( i honestly forgot its price; sorryyyyy)

Be Shopaholic,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

9 commentaires:

  1. Sa77a sa77a ! good stuff in deed! I'm not an expert in brushes, I wish I could use the ones I already have or buy new ones that might be better. Can you make a tutotial about that?

    1. thank u so much for the comment Sana :)now with the new camera i can try and do a tutorial for the brushes!
      xoxo Marwa

  2. love ur post marmar, very neat & detailed , the pics are awsome, gr8 job ,as brilliant as ever :)) waiting 4 a new automn haul , till then enjoy ur hunt & dnt 4get to post a review on ur US palettes, xoxox

    1. thank u so much sahar for the sweet comment ! yes im planning some Fall posts :) stay tuned ;)

      xoxo Marwa

  3. Pourquoi je ne vois plus tes posts ?
    Alors dis moi qu'est-ce que tu penses des pinceaux ELF ? J'adore le ràl Rimmel et le mascara bleu, la grande tendance de cet hiver !
    Bisou ma belle :)

  4. Saha saha saha
    in love with le rouge à levre rimmel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yaaaay! What fun it is to bring home new makeup and brushes!!! You found some gems Marwa! Like your blue mascara, KM lipstick, the blush and the brushes (did I already mention those? :D) !!!!!

  6. I enjoyed bourjois blushers & rimmel lipsticks!!!! i have got the same product but in others colours and i love!!!