mardi 28 août 2012

Marwa Shops: Makeup Haul Part1

Hi Dolls and Gents !!
Hoping this post finds you well. How was your weekend ?
Well let me tell you about mine, it was all about shopping, Makeup shopping :p it was not a big deal, just some national MU brands, and some other stuff. NO, no of course I will tell you about it in details :D
Let me tell you, this is not, ABSOLUTELY not the only Marwa Shops post for this month, you know it is Sales time in Tunisia and i am going to take advantage of this period (that we wish we could  enjoy it more than once or twice a year) !

Here come the pictures :

my first MAC purchase : a brush cleanser. it's amazing !

my latest Brushes : foundation and eye shadow

the 1st on the top is the foundation's and the one on the bottom is the Essence eyeshadow brush

Beautique Fdt brush #26
Essence Eyeshadow brush
Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner Blue

the 3 eyeshadows i bought (left to right) Lella#46, Essence Copper Island #59, Essence Olive Garden #52
swatches, (from left to right) with eyeshadow base, without eyeshadow base

Pastel Joues 34 Rose D'or

swatch in the sun

the new nailpolishes with the references and the brands


Mac Brush Cleanser: 16dt , available at Mac Store in Avenue Bourguiba, Tunis
Beautique Foundation Brush #026: around 5.5dt, available at Géant and other MU shops, Tunis
Essence Eyeshadow Brush: 3.5dt available at shops that sell Essence, i bought mine from Lafayette just in front of Champion Carrefour Mall, Tunis
Gosh Extreme Art Eyeliner #60: 17dt at Fatales shops everywhere. Tunisia
Essence Eyeshadows: 4dt
Lella Mono eyeshadow: 3.9dt available at Grandes surfaces et MU shops
Bourjois Blush: 16.5dt, Fatales or any other shop.
Essence nailpolishes: 3.6dt
Kolsi and Lella nailpolishes: around 3.5dt (appr price)

And so this is the small MU haul , many other MU hauls are coming soon (inchalah) so stay tuned !

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Be Crazy,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

8 commentaires:

  1. We r waitin for a new pics Marwa :)) things like Lella eye shadow tutorial & the way u use the Mac brush cleaner :)))

    1. thank u meriem for following and and for commenting :) means the world to me !and i will do a tutorial inchalah i just need to buy a new camera to do so :p but ill do a pic tutorial on how i used the MAC cleanser :)

      xoxo marwa

  2. Loove it , and love the fact that you're buying make-up from M.A.C !! They help fighting aginst Aids . By the way , that funny picture of " Ricky & Nicki " still there ??

  3. thank u so much dear for the sweet comment! and yes im MAC obsessed i cudnt afford it before but now that i got a job i can spoil my self from time to time :p and no i think they removed that nikki n ricky pic :D

    xoxo marwa

  4. Nice purchases and great post! Let us know how you like the foundation brush :) And your blush looks amazing! I'll be looking forward to your next MU haul!!

    1. thank u so much for the comment sweetie ! the fdt brush is amazing, i havent tried any expensive Mac or other brands, this is my first fdt brush and i LOVED it ! next post is coming on the weekend inchalah !
      xoxo marwa

  5. Ah comment ça se fait que j'ai pas vu ton post !?
    Très belles acquisitions ! Je suis surprise par le prix du nettoyant pinceaux MAC, je pensais qu'il était beaucoup plus nous faut un post pour savoir comment l'utiliser :)
    Saha et j'attends la suite avec impatience !

    1. thank u so much jess for the sweet comment !!! yes that MAC product is so cheap and crazy effective on the brushes ! i love it !! i will try to do a how to in pictures eventhu its way easy :p
      xoxo marwa