vendredi 2 mars 2012


"I am listening to Istanbul, intent, my eyes closed.
The Grand Bazaar's serene and cool,
An uproar at the hub of the Market,
Mosque yards are full of pigeons.
While hammers bang and clang at the docks
Spirng winds bear the smell of sweat;
I am listening to Istanbul, intent, my eyes closed."

... and this is the poem that would perfectly express my love ad longing for Istanbul !
So I had this too short vacation with my girlfriend and sister in Istanbul, words cannot show how much it was AMAZING ! I had no plans at all for the trip, Ines had it all planned in her small carnet, and she DID a great job ! I needed some guidance, i know it does not sound like me but i had to let myself go, free my soul and just follow the lead. 

The moment I had stepped on Turkey's ground I felt Blessed, Happy, Beautiful and Happyyyyyyyyyy !! It was raining and elegantly cold. I had my Turkish friend  Hatice and Ayse her sister waiting for me at the Airport- it always feels amazing when someone is waiting for you at the airport- she took us to the hotel which was cosy and warm, and took us to Dinner, köfte  and beans salad yum yum !! Thank you dear friend for that by the way. Then we headed to the hotel for a good night sleep. The next day was sunny and just Beautiful the view of the Blue Mosque and the Haya Sofia brought me the sweetest memories ever, the sight of Sultanahmet makes me carried away in the beautiful city, remembering things I have lived, things I have never lived and things I wish I have lived. The Good company was there my sister and Ines she brought the over excitment, the "picturing everything every 2minutes" the thirst for the adventure, it was all there, and the best thing is that she was Thanking Allah for every single day for where we were, for the ability to have/live such an opportunity to see the world's wonder... to see Istanbul. 

The blue Mosque, the Grand Bazaar, the New Mosque, the birds, the small streets, the food, the air, the SNOW, the rain, the sun, the Turkish Fashion, the Tower, Taksim square, and every inch of IStanbul was awe-inspiring, mysterious,astonishing and every synonym of it. We have taken hundreds of pictures (and I mean Ines has ) and every picture tells a story of a smile, a crazy laugh, a fight and instant make up, a divergnece of views and above all the Gratitude for being there, just there and no where else. 

I left it but my heart and soul are still there, hanging out somewhere in Sultanahmet garden, playing with the snow and probably letting themselves breathe the fresh snowy air. I know I will be back with the special people, with Safa, Ines and Amira, Rim and Mouna and every one who wants to join the Turkish Journey, I know I might just meet new people there, and I love it already. Thanks to this-too short- vacation I am ready to Start Over, I am Fresh and Alive again. Batteries charged.....ready....steady....Gooooooo!!!! 

Istanbul, seni seviyorum....

 xoxo Marwa, Me Blind Optimistic 

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  1. and this is the whole poem if you want to read it, enjoy.