samedi 24 mars 2012

The Friday Outfit: Monochroming

And here comes the Friday Outfit !! I'm so excited about this new fashion-related section in the blog !!!! REALLY excited ! I know that between a Friday and Friday there is my lazy ass not trying to come up with a creative happy optimistic post ! Oh Well ! I will try my best, Promise !!
So this Friday's Outfit I have chosen something BASIC, Classic and of course Chic !!!!   A Monochrome trendy outfit.

What is Monochrome? the Monochrome Trend is simply an outfit combining Black and White, it  might sound basic, but it’s a classic palette that never grows old fashion.  Monochrome is one of the simplest, most chic of looks to work whatever the year.  Monochrome never fails to gain attention when done well.
Monochrome is easy for creating a fairly effortless travel wardrobe, and it can be given the lift of the moment with a bright accessory taken straight from the latest colour trend chart. If colour blocking with paintbox colours is not for you, then go Monochrome.

 Ladies, Gals and Dolls I present to you my outfit well Monochromed...Photogtaphed by the love of my life: Mom

Think neutral. Think black with white. Think of alternating all black or all white garments with the opposite contrasting accessories. With this Classic outfit i added a bright colored Corail Clutch, ,a Green Neckless and of course the Blue detail, My favorite Swatch Watch and since I'm literally obsessed with the Polka Dots trend I had to wear these Baby Blue polka dots tights , that was my way to twist the outfit and give some liveliness, knowing that  Accessories can be the key to getting the Monochrome look so easily. Hoping you enjoy this yin yang outfit ! 

Blouse: white large by Sisley 
Skirt: Flea Market, black wool
Watch: Blue By Swatch
Ring: Statement black and white ring by Accessorize
Tights: polka dots,baby blue,  Flea Market
Neckless: Statement Neckless by Mango
Clutch: Corail color, Dubai
Shoes: Mango black booties

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

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  1. Thnak u so much for your comments!1 I'ts nice to meet other tunisian bloggers!! :)

    U wanted to know about the elf cosmetics. The blush/bronzer thing is very good, but it has just a little bit of the product. And the eyeshadow brushes are good, but the bronzer brush is not that soft. :/ And I love the eyeshadows and the lipstick, even though the lipstick is full of glitter.

    And I answered to the other comment in my blog, but here is that one too: I worked out for hour or little bit more for 4 days and I always tried to burn 500 calories, but sometimes I only did burn litle bit over 300 calories and I am not on a diet I eat what I want, but I dont eat too much! Hope that helped!

  2. thank u so much Salha for finding the time to answer my comments and questions !! im just mad abt ur blog its really good ! and the workout comment is just perfect !!! im not a diet kinda person, so working out the way u do is def a must for me, its not an extreme thgy, just simple and apparently it worked on u! keep up the good work and hope u get to ur weight goal!
    thank u for ur ELF products review ! VERY helpfum ! xoxo

  3. i really enjoyed this post. the outfit is so cute, by far not that boring office stuff, u'll rock it at work with this outfit! u should do more ootd posts, just so refreshing! btw the blouse is to die for! i am looking for a similar one, i have to check out sisley!

    1. ta=hank u so much Manel for the comment ! really happy u liked it ! u can see from the quality of the pictures how old is this :p but yes rocking a workoutfit is simple and easy and FUN ! i want to go back to the friday outfit but i have no one to take the pictures of me :( meanwhile ill try to post details of my outfit ;)
      thank u for passing by.
      xoxo Marwa

  4. Although I'm not a skirt girl :/ I've really enjoyed reading your post :) I'm waiting for more posts like this good one :D