vendredi 24 février 2012

Why Fashion ?

......Beautiful weather, sunshine on my breakfast table, hot chocolate au lait, the perfect setting to talk Fashion ! Yes I'm Happy .
I've always been into Fashion, i used to style my dolls and my sister who were my favorite (and only) fans and clients. I loved creating outfit from scratch, dresses, skirts, business attires, and even blazers. What has changed now that I'm an "adult" is ..... NOTHING. 
    I still love Fashion more closely, follow the trends, the colors, I mix brands, colors and fabrics, I take advice from Pro image consultants (Mimi Raad is my fav of all times)  and I create my own look that expresses my mood almost all the time. I love colors, especially BLUE, i can paint myself in BLUE, and yes what you are thinking right now suits me perfectly, I can be a Smurf (Schtroumpfs in French) I swim in BLUE!!!!!!!!!

   Fashion is my world, I just adooore it !! I think that it is a way of expressing yourself, of making a statement with what you are wearing, and if you are somewhere where people don't know you the saying "Dress To Impress" will be what you need. If you are feeling very hesitant, or insecure, go for a black outfit with a statement necklace or a statement shoes. When you're feeling awkward, opt for an awkward outfit, somthing that expresses the bizarre way you are feeling, Color Blocking would suit your mood, colors that do not go together normally, will this year ! If you are seeing the world in Pink, go for it !!! use a pink blazer/ tights/ baggy sweater/ shoes or even jeans. When you're feeling serious or will attend a business meeting or a job interview, you don't have to stick with just Black, go for the monochrom trend, black and white will be just perfect. My point is that Colors do Express your mood and your personality. 

Looking Good has never hurt anyone, so why not Dress To Impress and create your own Fashion! Creativity is the Key !! 
This Why I choose Fashion to Be, what about you ? 

"Suddenly I see" is THE song that represents Fashion for me ! enjoy xoxo

xoxo Marwa, Me Blind Optimistic...

2 commentaires:

  1. Well, well...HAVE TO start by saying "chapeau bas" fashion-smurf..enjoyed reading every single word of your post. I found it so simple and so "intimate"...such a light funny read..LOVED it :)

    Your way of being (fashion) is an artistically creative way...and it's by no means an easy way. I believe that it needs patience as much as passion and talent. I think that letting clothes talk abt who you are or as you put it "Dress to Impress" needs a lot of self-confidence and a strong personality.

    I cannot say anything more about what you wrote because I simply love the straight simple style and I hope that I'll read more posts like this one ;)

  2. omg thank you so much !! what abt u? i used to love ur colorful scarves that change the whole look back in uni, n adds a "myra" touch to ur outfit !!! what is ur extra special thg nowadays??