samedi 31 décembre 2016

32 Things

Dearest ladies and gents

One year later, i'm back here, feels home, a bit too dusty, i know, it's been a very tough but good year.
İ don't like sharing my life, and don't have enough time or energy to talk products and take photos and selfies anymore. i teach all day then go home really exhausted and pretty late for taking decent product photos (because you know daylight is key ) and have no one to take my photos (but that's not something new, right?) anyhow, dear loyal readers, i think i'll still come and chat here, because you know i LOVE writing about stuff, i can't promise you that i'll be constant but i'll do my bestest.

i know you guys are more interested in the young bloggers whose followers are not less than 10k, if you're still here, checking my post despite all the bloggers craze , know that i appreciate it more than you think.

Dec 1st was my birthday, i turned 32, and it still feels super weird to be in my thirties, yet, super comfortable and more confident than ever. i am also so very thankful for so many things this past year, here are 32 things I learned along the way:

1- Education and degrees mean nothing if the person has no manners.
2- Pray for the little blessings to last.
3-The better person you become (are) the harder life gets.
4-writing is my form of art
5- Stop expecting a lot from people marwa, STOP
6-the bigger your bag is, the more junk you'll be staffing it with; True story
7-Handwriting makes me smarter. Walah !
8-Mental health is as important as physical health
9-Guys (almost) always lie.
10-Some people won't like you because you don't join their gossip sessions
11-Last year (this year) I have cried more than i cried my entire life, empathy tears, sad tears, happy tears, I want a baby tears, you name it !!
12-my whole life i thought i was a mean bitch, this year i realized that i have never been one.
13-if a book- about all the gossip and bullshit i have heard in 2016- comes out, anonymously, it's NOT me !!
14-Spirituality is that spell that heals my heart.
15-I started enjoying cooking
16- I don't watch tv anymore, it's been a few years now, i replaced it with cinema, YouTube and torrents.
17-The Sufi philosophy  is LIFE !
18-my To Do List obsession is getting stronger by the day ( I often check it all, walah ! )
19- I hate exercising
20-I'm more open to the "who knows, maybe"
21- I have some not so dangerous kind of an OCD. it's hereditary
22-I'm turning into my mom, and i'm loving it.
23-Not drinking has always been an issue in Tunis, but not in Istanbul where almost everyone drinks. funny, isn't it ?
24- I hate hate hate casual dating.
25- I remember people's birthdays without a Facebook notification (crazy, right? *sarcasm alert*)
26-I can't sleep without something to watch, preferably happy and funny
27-I felt free the day I turned 30
28-my 31st birthday felt like i was 13, super amazing, super fun, and super childish, just the way i like it!
29- I strongly believe in karma, do good, because it will turn to you
30-Calligraphy, Oh Calligraphy
31- Caffeine doesn't affect me anymore
32- They asked why do i look so young and wrinkle free ( like are you supposed to have wrinkles by 30??) i told them, it's in the heart, it's young and open and warm.

Enjoy your life and take no bullshit from no one, why? Because you don't have to .

Stay Forever Young

xx Marwa

5 commentaires:

  1. I don't care how old you are or how many followers you have. I know life is crazy and it's hard to keep up with every thing and every one, but I love you and I hope we meet again soon <3 Happy New Year my friend, to you and yours! :*

  2. Dear Marmar, as i like to call you, it's always a pleasure to read you ;)
    I think stepping into the 30s makes us more wise and grateful, looking for the meaning and the essence of people and things rather than appearence and material stuff. Keep writing and inspiring us ;)
    Happy birthday once again, and happy new year, i wish you a 2017 full of happyness, love, health and wealth <3

  3. Happy Birthday Blind Opmtimistic <3 <3 32 is just a number darling enjoy your life;)
    btw n°25 7atta ana hahaha I thought that I'm the weirdo hhhhhh