mercredi 22 avril 2015

My Essence Cosmetics Highlighters

Dear Dolls &Gents,

it's Spring and who says spring (and summer and every single season if you ask me) says glowy, dewy, fresh skin and makeup. i wanted to share with you the products that i use for highlighting, and they are from Essence Cosmetics.
i firmly believe in the multi use, meaning using products for more than their initial function, here it's the Essence Cosmetics eyeshadows that i love to use as my highlighters and trust me they are VERY good!

(limited Edtion, sorry ! )

and here is how it looks on (pics with my Samsung S3, but i wanted to show you anyway )

what about you my friends, what are the highlighters you use? are you like me use products for more than their use? or do you prefer to stick to the highlighter as a highlighter (if i'm making sense hehe) ?

Stay Glowy,

6 commentaires:

  1. love those , need to buy them right now !!

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  3. You should try essence cosmetics mono eyeshadow 08 apticotta you will love it!and don't forget higlight on fleek����