dimanche 5 mai 2013

Fuschia Lips

Hey Dolls and Gents!

I hope you had a fun fun weekend. it was quite windy in Tunis but that did not stop me from wearing my new floral top and fuschia lips :)

You know how crazy I am about my Fuschia / Pink lips (check it  here) so I decided to create a whole look aroud my fuschia lipstick. The best thing about is that it's a LOCAL brand, yes you heard me LOCAL , 100% Tounsi, isn't this just great !!

So let me tell you about this lipstick:
Texture: Matte
Application: very smooth and easy
Price: cheap cheap cheap, it is only 4.9dt (about 2euros)  and you can find it in Monoprix, Géant, and any store that sells the Kolsi Makeup.

Myriam asked me on my  Facebook page a few questions about this fabulous lipstick, and as promised Myriam here are my answers:
It is good? ooooh yes! i love the color, the texture and everything about it!
Does it apply evenly? Yes, the application is smooth and easy
Does it dry the lips? like any matte finish, it does accentuate the chapped lips, so exfoliating them and moistrazing them would make your lipstick (and especially the matte ones) look stunning !

I paired my fuschia lips with a simple eye look, fine winged eyeliner and some purple eyeshadow on my bottom lashes. As for my clothes I chose a floral lavendar sheer top, perfect for springy look :)

PS: a special thanks for my dear friend (you will recognize yourself) who got me this lipstick after me dying to find it kissezzz
another special thanks to Ammouna who got me the Sleek Storm palette i was craving as a birthday gift, thank youuuuuu sweetie !! 

Here are the pictures

عسلامتكم يا حلوين !
نشالله عديتو ويكاند مزيان وعملتو جو! شفتو قدش ريح ، طقس موحش سمله ! أنا تحديت الملل وعملت حمير فوشيا ! سعات تخطرلي نعمل لوك حول بردوي ولا بلوز ولا أي حاجة ، وليوم كان حميري المفضل بطل القصة :) الحاجة الطيارة إلي الحمير هذا "قلسي" و 100% تونسي ، وسومو مش غالي بلكل ! وزيد لونو يواتي ناس لكل (تقريباً ) يجي في ليل ونهار وفي أي مناسبة .  خلي نحكيلكم شوية عليه :
تكستر : مات 
إستعمال: ساهل وميلكزش صدقوني ميفرقش على ماك في تنو ويقعد حتى بعد ماتاكل 
سوم: 4.9 دينار ، حتى  أنا مصدقتش ؛  أقل   10 مرات من روج MAC إلي هو ب-40 دينار, بطبيعة مش حمامر  قلسي لكل كيف هذا، عليكم كان تجربو 
مريم سألتني على الفايسبوك  شوية سؤالات وأنا وعدتها بش نجوبهىا :
باهي هل حومير ؟ انا عجبني برشة 
كي تعملوا يتعمل بطريقة متساوية؟ إي ساهل مات وفي نفس الوقت يمشي معاك
يرد إشفايف شايحة ؟ كما أي حمير مات يزيد يظهر كي تبدى ماكش مرطبة شفايف ، مالا جوست ستعمل كاكاوو قبل متعمل الحمير و حاول تنحي الجلدة الميتة بشوية سكر وعسل -
نرجعوا للبسة ، خترت بلوز بالنوار لونها لفندر وطلعت شعري لفوق : كعكة وظفرة
نخليكم مع شوية تصاور :

Ignore my smile, i suck at taking pictures !! 

to know how I did my doughnut bun click here
 Products I used:

it's Garnier (excuse my dumb spelling) 

to get the Haruko and kabuki brush go to MakeupByAmira.com

 My Floral blouse:

I hope you liked my fuschia lips, if yes will you wear them? will you buy the lipstick?

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Stay Freshhhhh,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

15 commentaires:

  1. Thabbél ma7lék to9tél !!!
    Le rouge à lèvres, la chemise, la coiffure ! kollak aala baadhak 7elow :p
    Bisous marmar

    1. hihiihi thank u so much jess for the comment :* u need to get the lipstick too, it'll be amazing on UR lips ;)

      xoxo Marwa

  2. Love love love!! MU, hair & outfit <3 You look so cute! You're pictures are great Marwa, and you nailed the lip close-up! The liner is just perfect too!
    Please keep 'em coming :*

    1. Funny that you have both the F80 and the F82 and you use the retractable kabuki for liquid foundation :D How do you explain that?
      And I also forgot to say that I haven't tried Kolsi lipsticks, but you've put it on my never-ending wish-list!

    2. Thank u so much Myra for always being here :* and yes it's too pretty, but not all kolsi lipsticks are gud ;) and thank u for the lip close-up comment, ive never felt gud abt my lips and since that day the girl told me my lips were wrinkled i was like "whot" but i said no one is gonna bring me down, and i did it :p
      ok now back to the sigma question :D i have both F80 and F84 but i looove that kabuki, feels so soft and easy to wash, i'd rather keep the Sigmas clean and ready for a harder job, fhemta kifeh ;)

      xoxo Marwa

    3. Didn't mean to bring you down by my comment dear, sorry if you felt bad about it :)and I said you were gripping your lips way too hard that's all, anyway sorry again.

    4. hey miss khan no worries ;) i didnt know it was u, and i know what u meant, i never paid attention to it before, but im over it ;)

      thank u for checking my fb page and blog though, ur comments are always welcome !
      xoxo Marwa

  3. ma7lek marwa! 9addech 9riba mil 9alb! enti 3sal!

  4. Machallah Marwa ma3andi man9oul "just perfect" ;) nhebou aktar mel les articles hedom ;)

    1. Ayshek Yosr sweetie :* thank u for the lovely comment!! and im glad you liked it :)

      xoxo Marwa

  5. pétillante comme tjs ma belle Marwa <3 J'ai tout adoré et le rose te va à merveille, un look et un MU 100% printanier.
    waiting for the next post :)

    1. Merci Bp Doll !! cant wait to see your spring makeup :)
      xoxo Marwa

  6. so cute <3<3<3