jeudi 9 mai 2013

EVENT: National Day of Traditional Tunisian Clothes

Hey Dolls and Gents!!

How have you been? I am sick to the bone and all because of a CAT. My sis has a new cat, true it doesnt live inside the house but she carries it  and plays with it, and its hair managed somehow to get to me, causing me sleepless nights scratchy red eyes and runny nose, so yeah im allergic to CATS !

Leaving the cats issue behind ( i hate their guts) here Iam today talking about the event I attented on tuesday, let me tell you about it! a firnd of mine has organized with her friends a National Day Of Traditional Clothes at her University ( IPELSHT , that stands for Institut Préparatoire aux Etudes Littéraires et de Sciences Humaines de Tunis ) and I was quite happy and honored she invited me to attend it, I had so much fun interacting with the girls, wearing my good old chechia (traditional tunisian hat men used to wear) and my Rihana (not Rihanna the singer but our tunisian traditional necklace with fatima's hand, a picture will be below). It's always great to be remembered of one's origins, the smell of the good old" once upon a time", our grandmothers, the day when simplicity and authenticity existed... especially now in Tunisia when some are trying their best to strip us from our heritage, our own traditions, way of thinking and dressing to implement new, weird, terrorist dress code, ideas, and ALL for their hidden agendas. a BIG sigh for My Tunisia.. But no, no giving up, this tunisian Youth will always stand for their land, with a hand, a pen and paper,a  voice or like this post, a Sefseri :)

صباح النور 
شنحوالكم ؟ أنا الحمدلله أما نعاني فالحساسية متع ربيع والنوار وزيد ولة عنا قطوس وانا نمووووووت منهم 
ليوم بش نحكيلكم على إحتفال نظموه بنات المعهد التحضيري للدراسات الأدبية والعلوم الإنسانية بتونس على يوم اللباس  التقليدي، وستدعاتني صاحبتي بش على الأقل نبدلو شوية اجو . الحق متع ربي إن فرحت علخر  و تشرفت بالإستدعاء هذا ، وزيد شخت على  البنيات إلي عاملين مجهودهم بش يرجعوا جو بكري، جو السفساري والجبة، والشاشية والتزغريد وريتك منعرف وين .... حاجة تفكرك منين إنت جيت، حاجة تشم عليها ريحة مماتك وعزيزك (الله يرحمك يا ميمة وعزيزي) وخاصةً توا في تونس،إلي مسيكنة جاينها عباد يحبوا يفرضوا عليها وعلينا تقاليد مش متاعنا، لبس مش متاعنا وميواتناش، وأفكار جديدة وغريبة على مجتمعنا التحفون إلي يموت عل جو وإلي  عندو أحلى تقاليد وأحلى لبسة فالدنيا. مسيكنة تونس... أما مهاءه, لا ، شباب النظيف المتعلم المنور بش يحاربهم بصوتو وجذورو، بقلم وورقة ولا حتى بسفساري ..... 
أن هزيت معايا شاشية مزينة وريحانة متاعي، البستهم ومنحكلكمش  عل إحساس قده محلاه ، هيا يزيني مخرفت عليكم تفرجوا في شوية تصور 

Leaving you with pictures:

My friend Raja, wearing our traditional tunisian Sefseri

the girls with their gorgeous teacher
Girls in Sefseri and their teacher wearing one to support them

hahaha the guy in a sefseri, too funny
"ووه عليا خلي نغطي لحيتي وه "
makroudh/ مقروض 

kaak/ كعك 
the girls who organized the event

أم السفساري 
This is it, I hope you loved this post, I hope this post will make you want to come to Tunisia, try our sweets, and be أم السفساري  for one day ...

أم السفساري

Be Proud of you Origins,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic, and Tounsia ....

5 commentaires:

  1. OMG this is my old institute, your post brings me back good memories.I didn't see raja, salem, Ms. Boujidan and MS.Ben driss since ages... I miss them all and you look GORGEOUS Marwa as usual :))) thank you for making me smile despite this boring and stressful revision <3

  2. ya lella ya lella ma7lek fil sefseriiiiiiiiiiiiii :)

  3. Merci Marwa! Thank you for attending and for your sweet and lovely company that I really love.. And you should mention that my make-up is done by your beautiful hands :**
    With all my love <3

  4. OMG !! t'es Ipelshtienne ? I knew it :)))

    1. heheh nope i studied in ISLT many years ago but i've been invited to attend the Traditional clothing day in IPELSHT ;)

      xoxo Marwa