mercredi 3 avril 2013

Liebster blog Award Part1: Tagged by "T5albiz and Other Stuff"

Dear Dols and Gents!

See, just like I promised, im not lazy anymore, posts are going to be more than what i used to write, I hope you will like it.

Today's post is about the Liebster blog Award, a Tag that supports blogs that have less than 200 subscribers or fans.

I have been tagged 4 times by the beautiful bloggers (thank you so much girls)
I will be answering all 44 questions, in 4 posts, so bare with me :)
Today is going to be the tag of  T5albiz and Other Stuff  so here we go:

11 things about Me: 
1- I have a phobia of snakes (not all reptiles)
2- I am a blue freak.
3- I am an India lover since i was 5
4- I am the Archer Girl (Sagitarius)
5- I always go against the mainstream
6- I wish I could live in Séoul or Osaka.
7- I never go out without saying my prayers
8- I am a short girl and I love it
9- Seeing sick children breaks my heart to pieces
10- I can be VERY generous
11- I dont like cats, birds, and many other animals.

1- عندي  فوبي مل حنوشة والزواحف أما مش لكل 
2- نموت على حاجة اسمها لون أزرق 
3- نحب الهند ملي عمري 5 سنين 
4- برجي هو القوس 
5- ديمة نحب نعكس التيار 
6- نتمم نعيش في Séoul ولا Osaka 
7- منخرج من دارنا إلى منقول دعاء 
8- إن بنية قصيرة وفخورة بطولي
9- كي نرى ولاد صغار مرضى قلبي يوجعني ونولي نبكي منغير ما نشعر
10- نجم نكون كريمة برشة
11- نفد مل قطاتس والعصافير وبرشة حيونات اخرين  

T5albiz and Other Stuff  's Questions: (in french obviously, i will be answering in the same language that i've been tagged with)

1- Quel est ton film préféré?

2- Quelles sont tes séries préférées ?
Dexter, Sex and the city, Charmed, buffy the vampire slayer, CSI las vegas,  Friends, Revenge, Drop Dead Diva et la liste continue..
3- Quels mots ou phrases dis-tu presque tout le temps?
"malla", okito, Yaaaay
4-Quelle est ta principale qualité et ton principal défaut ?
qualité: généreuse
défaut: trooooooooooooooooooooop têtue
5-Tes amis savent-ils que tu tiens un blog ?
6-Qu'aimerais-tu changer dans le monde ?
la jalousie, le machisme, l'intolérence
7-Fais-tu partie d'une association, laquelle ?
non pas vraiment
8- Si tu pouvais apporter un produit sur une île déserte, lequel choisirais-tu?
mon rouge à lèvres (est ce que mon écran solaire compte? )
9-Aimes-tu créer tes accessoires / vêtements ?
oui beaucoup depuis toute petite j'en faisais à mes cheres clientes mes Dolls :)
 10-Plutôt basket ou talons ?
pourquoi choisir, je porte les deux, they both have their days
11-Le maquillage sans lequel tu ne peux pas sortir (yeux, bouche , teint ..) ?
les yeux

now it's my turn 11 questions ;)

- How old are you ? 
- Have you ever had issues with your body? 
- If you could choose between a job that you don"t like that pays a lot and a job u love and pays less, what would u choose? 
- Do you have ex girlfriends? 
- What makes you cry? 
- Do you watch Reality Tv? 
- What do mean comments do to you? 
- Who are your Fashion Icons ? 
- Who is your favorite fictional male character ? 
- What is your Sun sign? 
- How far would you go for Love?

Since all the blogs have been tagged, I will try to tag a few, please those who were already tagged or already tagged me, try to make time and answer my questions in a comment, no need for a post ;)

The Beauty Buzzer
Sahar Hair n Beauty
My Muse
Mode et Beauté
Le blog d'une tunisienne

one tag done, 3 to go :)

Stay Supportive

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic..

2 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for having responded to my tag
    I love to reading your posts, you have a sense of humor especially when you write in Arabic
    I also love India and I am a short girl and i love it we are kawai ^^
    good luck and hope to always read more about you :*

  2. Thank you marwa for tagging me :) I love your questions so It will be a pleasure to answer them <3
    *How old are you?
    22 years old.
    *Have you ever had issues with your body?
    No, I love my body.
    *If you could choose between a job that you don"t like that pays a lot and a job u love and pays less, what would u choose?
    I would choose the job that I love coz I can't do anything I don't love.
    *Do you have ex girlfriends?
    Yes, an ex childhood girlfriend.
    *What makes you cry?
    movies, sick children, poor people.
    *Do you watch Reality Tv?
    I don't like them.
    *What do mean comments do to you?
    I feel sympathy for those people who write or say rude and mean comments to others to feel good about themselves. I just ignore them.
    *Who are your Fashion Icons ?
    kim kardashian
    *Who is your favorite fictional male character ?
    The Joker and especially the one played by Heath Ledger.
    *What is your Sun sign?
    I'm a capricorn girl.
    *How far would you go for Love?
    I'm very reasonable when it comes to love.
    Thank you again <3