mardi 30 avril 2013

Event: Elégant Cosmetics Re-launch

 Dear Dolls and Gents! 


Those who follow me on Facebook know that I have been to the Elégant Event in Sfax. It is the Re-launch of the Elégant cosmetics, new packaging, new formulas and products. It was FUN! I got to take the train for the first time in my entire life, it was much fun but quite tiring and very uncomfortable. I forgot all the train drama once I met with Amira  who animated the event, Jess  who did a tremendious job with the pictures and Sabrina The Vitaluna Spirit , I also got to meet Donia  for the first time, and man, she's gorgeous! 
we spent the whole day in the hotel, swatching the products, eating, laughing and of course taking pictures, here are some I took and the rest from the girls'blogs, thank you girls for saving me with your pics ^^ 

عسلامتكم يا جماعة
أكيد إلي يتابع فيا عل  فيسبوك   يعرف إلي أنا  مشيت الصفاقس بش نحضر الإفتتاح Elégant. نحب نقلكم إلي أول مرة نركب في تران في حياتي ، متضحكوش عليا عاد هاهاهاها هو الحق متعب ومش مرتاح حتى طرف ، تي من عهد الحرب راو !!!!! حسيلو، كي وصلت نسيت تعب التران وعملت جو مع أميرة  إلي أنمات النهار لكل ، نرجس  ، صبرينة  ودنيا  إلي نراها أول مرة وعملت معها جو :) 
نخليكم تشوفو التصاور.
مرسي لبنات التصاور !! 

Donia says HI !

شوية بلادة  لازمة 

I hope you liked this post, you can check the girls'blogs for many other pictures :)
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xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

9 commentaires:

  1. I totally agree: tiring but fun :) and your hair looks so cool with that blueish purplish tint :) 3ijbouni tsawer chweyya bleda <3 You're beautiful marmar even when you make silly faces :)
    Thanks for reminding me of good times!

  2. Hahaha ya hassra 3ala train :D
    AAmla w maach tet3awed :p
    Très agréable post, ça me rappelle cette lonnnnnnnnnnnngue mais agréable journée :)

  3. saha likom les filles mahlekommmm <3

  4. u made me laugh marmar, I love ur sense of humor , btw the train is extremely tiring , tell Me about it, been there done that for 7 years !!!!
    loved ur post , gr8 pics , ma7lééééééééééééééééééééékom lkollkom , mnawwrin :))

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  6. ohh my god the color of ur hair is to die for , what is it???????

  7. C'était un véritable plaisir de te rencontrer ce jour là pour la première fois <3 Est ce que j'ai le droit d'être jalouse de ta magnifique chevelure ?! ;)
    Tu es adorable ma jolie et merci pour tes gentils mots :*
    Hope to see you soon!


  8. J'ai faillis oublié de faire un petit clin d'oeil à ta magnifique pose vernis! :D :D