jeudi 23 août 2012

Max Factor Event by Amira

Hi Dolls and Gents!

Hoping this new post finds you well !
Eid Mubarak to all the Muslim community, inchalah it went well for you :) Mine was pretty nice, I went to the beach on Eid's 2nd day and  had much much fun ! How was yours?

This post is not about Eid nor about the beach day, it is about one exciting Ramadan night, here are some details:
Date: Friday night of August  17th
place: Carrefour La Marsa Tunis
Event: Max Factor Event
People : Amira, Jess, Elhem, Safa (my sister) me, and other people who came for the event.
Friday night with the girls was soooo much fun! It's been ages since i enjoyed myself that much. Amira, the gorgeous Tunisian makeup youtuber ( the 1st MU youtuber in Tunisia, you can check her channel here )was hosting the Max Factor Event in Carrefour La Marsa, to present MF's new collection : eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundation etc...
The Gorgeous Amira

I was there with my sister Safa and mom, found Elhem ,Amira and Jess joined later. we talked MAKEUP (obviously :p ) trends, Fashion, we played with Amira's kids (let me warn you, these kids are extremely irresistable !God Bless them ), took AMAZING pictures and chat chat chat, yo know, girls catching up , cause we don't see each other that often, with work and our hectic schedules, so we enjoyed every minute :)

Here are some pictures of the Fab meeting with the gorgeous girls: pictures taken by Jess and Elhem (if u see Jess in the picture that means it's Elhem who's taking the picture ;) )

Amira in action :)
Jess, Amira and Me 

(from left to right) Elhem, Me and Amira
Amira and I 
Jess and Amira (from left to right)

my fav shot :D Jess and Amira showering me with kisses :D isnt this just cute !!!

Amira's lipstick on my cheeks :D 

I couldn't stop laughing

Amira doing her magic touch to fix the blush mixed with her lipstick stain ^^

Jess and her professional Canon showing Amira the amazing shots she got !

Amira: a closer look: a brownish eyeshadow with a touch of gold and a sexy bold red lipstick

Now, here are pictures of my Gorgeous only sister SAFA, taken by Jess: a new hair cut and pink/red highlights, isn't she just BEAUTIFUL !

the haircut


SAFA: a closer look to her winged blue eyeliner

and now the 2 superstars : Malek and Fares (Amira's kids) don't say I didn't warn you ! TOO CUTE *Mashallah*

Malek's pose ! a Pro !! 
Fares, alias Fifou ! a sweetheart :* 

SAFA posing with Fifou <3<3

my hair updo, shot by Elhem (thank u ^^) 

Fash Part:
i wore a colored top and a green skirt (both from Boutique F)
shoes: Dubai Mall

Makeup :
Vanity Palette, Deborah
Winged eyeliner: Essence I love Stage liquid liner
Lipstick: Elegant #192   a candy pink
Blush: Flormar #03    Turkey

Hoping you enjoyed this (late) post!
here are some info :
to watch Amira's youtube review abt the Color Elixir Lipsticks Max Factor, it is this way
  it is this way
to see Jess's Max Factor Event post click here and here  is Amira's :)

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SURPRIIIISE: a Video Bonus Jess filmed, isn't she talented ? enjoy :)

Stay Fun,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

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  1. C'est vraiment à refaiiiire !!! C'était juste parfait cette petite soirée. :)

    1. Thank u so much Jess for the comment and the pics! they always make my posts interesting , fun and fab !!!! and yes we totally need to meet up again, an explosion of talents and crazy fun ^^
      xoxo Marwa

  2. I love seeing these pictures and I miss all you beautifuls already! :)) <3 Thanks for writing such a sweet warm post :)

    1. Thank u dear for the comment !! i Miss u too girls! i had much fun, even MOM had fun :D to more events n meetings like these !!!
      xoxo Marwa

  3. Felice fine settimana a te...ciao

  4. Nice blog here, love the pics and also the graphic on the background =)
    I'm your newest follower now, and I hope you will follow me back if you like my blog =)

    1. welcome on my blog! and thank you so much for the sweet comment and the following :) i really appreciate it !
      i am going to check your blog now :)

      xoxo Marwa

  5. saha likommmmmmmmmm
    yé ghibtiii :p
    vous etes sublimes les filles
    et c enfants à croquer !!

    1. merci sarouz pour le commentaore ! inchamah ma prochaine fois tu sera avce nous :)

      xoxo Marwa