dimanche 29 juillet 2012

Green: My New Obsession

Hi Dolls and Gents!
Ramadan Mubarak to all Muslims all over the world !
I've been absent for quite sometime but today I'm back with a new post, hoping you like it !
So Today i wanted to tell you about my new color obsession Green. I find the color very rich, very summery and super fresh.
Here is what I tried with Green: a dress and a Smokey eyemakeup :)
here are some pictures of my outfit :

and this is the Fresh Green Smokey i wore with it :

I know i know i look burnt :D it's the tan :p PS: ignore the kitchen background :p 

So that was the Smokey Green I did on my eyes, kepyt the lips soft using a nude Lella with a pink lipliner ( a tutorial is coming soon for that tip ;)  )

For the eye makeup i used 3 shades: a dark green for the outer corner of my eye, a light green for my inner corner and a lemony shimmery color for blending and under my eyebrows :) all the colors are from my new  Deborah Palette Vanity Secret that I just LOVE !! 

Deborah Palette Vanity Secret Palette 

Hope you will like this post.
Tell me about your color obsessions this summer !

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Stay Fresh

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

7 commentaires:

  1. Enfin un nouveau post ! :) J'adore ta robe, ton makeup et ta coiffure. Je n'ai jamais essayé le vert pour les yeux, chahitni bech njarréb !
    Mes couleurs préférées pour cet été sont la menthe à l'eau, le turquoise et le corail :)

    1. thank u sooooo much Jess sweetie for the comment ! that dress i bought it from boutique F few years ago, and i never wore it, it's trendy now with its button through faza ;)
      and plzzzzz try it out m sure u'll turn out FAB !!

      xoxo marwa

  2. Finally I get to see this new palette in action! Your eye makeup is beautifully blended, I love the liner and I seem to detect some nice contouring and highlighting too! You have amazing cheek bones btw :)
    Now to the dress, I like the retro print, and the color, although I admit I hardly ever were green, you make it llo very wearable:)) Your oversized necklace looks nice too, a real statement!
    Can't wait to see more makeup looks with this palette ^^

    1. oh Merci Merci sweetie for the gorgeous comment ! and yes it was the first time I used ze palette :p thank u so much for noticing the details :p that dress is a button through dress i bought from Boutique F few years ago and never got the chance to wear it, the necklace is from Mango ;) I actually need to buy that brush you blogged about ASAP the essence isnt working great :s
      again thank u for the comment
      xoxo marwa

  3. Thank you for your kind comment! :) Your blog is cuuute and I love your hair style, it reminds me to empress sisi!! I follow you, you can follow me back if you want!
    Miss V


    1. thank u so much :) i already followed u ! like ur blog so much! i'm officially a fan ;)
      xoxo marwa

  4. après avoir vu ce makeup je t'autorise à te lancer sur YTubes :)