lundi 9 juillet 2012

F for Friendship

hey Dolls and Gents !

this post is about the famous I.A.M that stands for Ines, Amira and Marwa, my best friends that I have shared more than 4 years of college and many many adventures, laughs but also tears, "Smile" biscuits, crappy sandwiches, coffees, Lemon Pies, and many other things this post couldnt handle ;) I just LOVE them ! and I cannot imagine my life without them ! love u giiiiirls
so my Bestie Amira was going abroad and we had to meet her before she leaves , we went to Baristas Café after having lunch! the reunion after a year and a half (esp amira) was amazing we had lots of fun, as usual :D

here are some pictures that would speak for themselves :

Ines: Burger 

Myra: Panini

My yummy wafles !

Ze duck facae without ines knowing :D

Our Stop at Baristas :D


Ze Lemon Pie the girls went all crazy about 

Ze Devil cake

Cafféine effect *_* 

You honestly need to be tough like Amira to have the courage to try out the Lemon Pie

our gifts to Amira from Istanbul ^^

Amira holding the Red Lipstick i gave her, it's a Flormar and it's AMAZING

Myra with her RayBan, A+ ^^

I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyyyyy

my braids: a closer look

Me trying Amira's sunnies and glasses ^^ 

Ze funny faces, arent we just SEXY !!! 

The Fash Part:
so what i wore that day was a comfy stylish outfit: a Coral Sleevles top, my fav polka dotted cardigan and my adorable boyfriend  Jeans St Oliver, i chose my pink shoulder bag that i bought from Taksim, Istanbul , to go with my H&M peachy wedges :) Hoping u like the look

Hair & Makeup:
my comfy look demanded a super cute hair do, and here it is my signature russian  hairdo with the braids. My makeup was simple: some peachy eyeshadow with a winged eyeliner and nude pink lips.
 a pic:

Stay Lovely,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

9 commentaires:

  1. Très jolies photos Marwa, tu me donnes envie d'une tarte au citron, celle de Barista est DÉLICIEUSE !
    ça se voit que vous vous êtes bien amusées, les photos me donnent envie de sourire :)
    More of those plz !

    1. thank u soooo much Jess sweetie! and yes we had crazy fun, hope u can join us one day and meet amira ! and m happy it made u smile ^^
      xo marwa

  2. lovin this of luck to you freaks...keep rockin :D

    1. Vrejo !! thank u so much for the freaky comment ! come and let's do crazy pic for me to post them ;)
      xo marwa

  3. Hilarious and sweet post:) Could use a piece of that lemon pie right about now...or two:) Wouldnt the last many years without you two have been just booooring!

    1. m guessing this is u ines, right?
      and yes cudnt imagine these last years without u girls and ur support :) love u
      xo marwa

  4. WHERE WERE THE WAFFLES FROM! Was it from biwa?

    1. Nope, those were in Aqua Lounge !

      xoxo marwa

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmmm les gourmandises ya rabi :(((((((((((