lundi 16 juillet 2012

Get the Boho Chic Maxi Dress Summer Look

Hey Dolls and Gents !! 
Today's post is about THE summer piece that's been very on trend this season ( and almost every summer for a few years now) it's the Boho Maxi Dress (i.e Bohemian maxi dress but for some reason Boho is way attractive for mee :p ) .
The Boho Maxi  Dress is what you will need to achieve this look! why? because it's comfortable in this heat, it's chic and sun rays safe ( since it's maxi duuuh :p ), it's also perfect for all the body shapes and all the sizes from XS to XXL :) 

How to wear it ?

You can wear the maxi dress with different things: 

* a denim jacket ( since they are already on trend too) is the piece that will keep you cool in the heat and is as chic as a tuxedo blazer whether it's with full sleeves or sleeveless , it will give edge to the dress especially if it's accessorized with spikes or studs , wear it wisely ;) 
* a cardigan : of course a cardigan what can it be ? :D it should be as light as possible, preferably short, or waist height , you can pair it with a neon, belt ( to go with the neon trend) or a nude belt . CHIC yes chic !! 
* on its own: yes you can, of course you can :D but do it at night outs so that your skin won't get damaged by the sun , especially if you live with a hellish heat like ours in Tunisia :p 

What accessories should this Boho maxi dress be paired with ? 

* bracelets and bangles
* an over sized pair of Fab sunnies 
* a derby hat or any kind of summer hat, it's always chic and will protect your pretty face from the sun.

 Which Shoes and bags ?

* shoes: sandles if you're tall enough and wedges if you're a petite like myself :p 
* bags: an oversized Clutch for your night plans,  OR a shoulder bag if it's a day thing ! 

Makeup :

Go with the fresh dewy summer makeup, Less Is More in summer. Options:
* purple eyeshadow that's a  very trendy color , or any bright turquoise, coral, or a light bronzy color.
* a simple winged cat eye : it could be black or any colored eyeliner check my previous post
* a satin sheer lipstick or gloss ( but you know i'm a lipstick girl so ill wear lipstick) 
* a bright lipstick : tangerine, red, hot pink, whatever your skin tone goes with 
* a bronzer to even out the face tan :  and this was Amira  's explanation when i asked what the hell is the bronzer for when i'm already tanned :D thank you sweetie for the Info love u ! 

here are few pictures of what I put together for you :

Summer makeup : 

Summer Makeup Trends 

This is all for today! Hoping you enjoy the post!

don't hesitate to comment to tell me How You would wear the Maxi Dress for a boho Chic look!

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Stay Fabulous,

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

10 commentaires:

  1. This is awesome! I like maxi dresses! I have 3of them! I have a pink one with flowers, and another colorful one! and a black one! I am thinking about buying more as I lose weight!

    1. thank u for the comment ^^ and Good choice Ruaa ! Maxi dresses are very chic and comfortable no matter what size u are ! get a tangerine dress that's very on trend now ;)
      xoxo marwa

  2. j'aime j'aime j'aime!! et avec les différents accessoires elle devient trés chic lool w tse3edni (twila w mastoura :p )

    1. Thank u so much for the comment olfa ! and yes of course it'll suit u , with a denim jacket, a cardigan, the blue blazer u have ;) and don't forget the beach waves !
      xoxo marwa

  3. I really like how you combined all the different pieces, the green dress, nude wedges and the blue bag are to die for! And that Sleek trio <3<3<3 Plus, it's a great idea to give combination alternatives :) And thanks dear for mentioning me! I'm really becoming addicted to bronzer btw^^ I'm gonna devote a FatalesTV episode to it soon, so stay tuned :)
    Keep up the good work!

  4. myraaaaaa thank u so much for the sweet comment ^^
    and yeah im dying for the blue bag too :'( and that Sleek is out of stock :'( :'( im sooo waiting for the bronzer review!
    thanks again ^^
    xoxo marwa

  5. Marwa I LOVE this post ! I'm already a big fan of maxi dresses.
    Et ta composition avec les compensés, la veste en jean et le gros sac est parfaite.
    J'ai une robe longue achetée à Zara, je la porte pour différentes occasions en changeant à chaque fois les accessoires.
    Le jour avec des sandales plates et une petite veste, le soir avec des talons nude et même à la plage avec un chapeau. D'ailleurs je poste le look de plage très prochainement !
    Bisou ma belle.

    1. THANK u Jess ^^ and u knwo how much i love ur Zara maxi blue dress, it's fab whether u wear it during day time, night time or even at the beach with that gorgeous derby hat that i saw on the blog !! cant wait to see ur post !!
      xoxo marwa

  6. I love the look !! Actually I saw a couple of maxi dresses out there and I loved them !! So the way you combined the accessories and the make up with the dress made me wish I had one !! Now it's on my wishlist for sure !! thanks for the idea ;)

  7. Hi Marwa! SO is the maxi dress still IN? would you recommend wearing it any differently from your suggestions for 2012? I just got a royal/electric blue one very similar to the green one you showed us, and wondering what to pair it with:)
    Thanks again for sharing !