mercredi 13 juin 2012

Why do bad things happen to good girls ?

 I have always considered myself to be a good girl, I think that it is how the world sees me , starting from my family, going all the way to my friends and my entourage. But what is a good girl ? and the most important question would rather be: Why do bad things happen to good girls ?

Something “bad” happened to me a few days ago, when i was on my way to work. I’m sorry but I cant say what it was, not now, not here… and suddenly this question popped up from my disturbed mind .

if one thinks of it , you’ll find that almost all the bad things happen only to those society calls “good girls” , but who/what are good girls? I am sure that everyone has her/his own definition/ verision of what a good girl is, but everyone would probably agree on the fact that good girls are most of all obedient either to the society , elders, or parents, they respect almost every rule made by the ones who set the tradtions, the customs, the 3aib* , the 7aram* and of course those who do not deserve their repect and they do it with a lot of heart (sarcasm)! the good girls are very careful all the time, they never take risks, they always want to preserve a certain image, thinking that all that would do them only good, they would think that all this work would pay off at some point , that they will be liked and thus will be successful, the worst thing  of all is that they see la vie in Rose ! which is WRONG WRONG WRONG ! good girls get hit by life very often, they get mistreated , disrespected, humiliated and even …. .

this definition of what good girls are may look to you, dear reader, as a quite disturbing definition , it does make the good girls look passive and dependant and with no personalitty what so ever! but Good Girls are also very intelligent gals who know what to do, what they want,  without ever crossing the lines (lines that they drew themselves) nor upset their parents who are the dearest to their hearts, a good girl knows how to choose the persons she wants to be with (friends and such). BUT, a good girl would never know how to go against odds, or how to do “what’s needed” to get where they want. A good girl wouldn’t know how to go with the flow or follow the mainstream and just accept the very weird suggestions she gets all along her “good” path, it does not mean that she is too innocent nor a saint, but it rather means that she is someone of ethics and principals, things that others obvuously never heard of.


I have been asking myself this question for a few years now , and I haven’t found the answer, but I didnt had the slightest idea of changing teams or be a bit flexible when the situation needs me to. Im just going the hard way, that was/is/will be always Me, the Blind Optimistic and the good girl who fights til the end, even if I get really tired of this fighting to be Me, fighting against a society that does not respect who you are, no matter how respectful and ethical you are, a society that sets very bizarre lines, and erase the lines that should have been there ( and talking about society depresses me, back to the initial issue) and that’s how bad things happen to those good girls  , simply because they don’t know how nor want to bend their ethics and the principals they live for/by to adjust to a wicked twisted slutty society. Knowing that a bad path is so much easier to take than a good path -of course “good” is a controversial word and has a zillion definition but here I am talking about the broader meaning of what “good” is- because simply a bad deed is always easier to do than a good one (general truth no arguing here :p  ) .

The real question now: what to do? Do I switch teams and become a bad girl ? or do I pretend to be a good girl and start doing whatever it takes to get where i want to go and hide it ? OR Do I remain the same fighting to be Me and get slapped by life, society and every obstacle comes to stand in the middle of my quest-path ? Will I get tired? yes ! Will  bad things still happen to me ? YES. Will I give up ? No…for now.

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic ...

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  1. soi toi meme, mais avant il faut que tu cherche la reponse a cette Question "je suis qui?". cette question va te prendre quelques annees surement.

    pour le moment il faut que tu cohabite avec la societe de telle sorte que tu peu faire ton chemin discretement :-)


    1. thank u so much for the comment Mostfa ^^
      and yeah I know who i am and know what i want and where i wanna go. dealing with a society that gets worse every single day is what makes it difficlut for me to be Me !
      xoxo marwa

  2. why do bad things happen to you? just read your blog name,,
    why do bad things happen to good girl? first i think there s no such a thing as a "good girl",, if a girl is good,, then she s just a girl, and no woman,,
    bad things happens all the time, to all people,, bad girls in your definition are just bad,, and in general when you're bad, you lie , you hide,, so everything seems perfect,, so that they get more conviction 'bout "being a bad girl is good",,
    just be who you are,,, and who you wanna be,, and cut the optimistic shit,, just be realistic,, and more of that,, be confident,, say no when you feel you should say no,, and more of that,, not because every body(as society) is doing something, that means that is the right thing to do,,,, don't get oppressed,, an just live,,

  3. get to the point, does it really matter who i am?

  4. it matters to me, i like to put a name on the face like they say ;)eventhough ur anonymous :p
    well to get to the point, i felt like u were contradicting urself telling me to be who i am and then to "cut the optimistic shit", cuz i am optimistic by nature and that's who i am, and quitting that would mean that i shouldnt be Me, which is not what u'r telling me to do and im quoting "just be who you are" . And u might just confuse being optimistic with being dreamy (cuz the latter is just the opposite of being realistic ) so u might wanna develop that :)
    also, know that i am far from being oppressed,if u knew me, u would've known that. i am also very confident ( it can turn to arrogance sometimes :p ) . and all that keep confusing me, because i go through many disadventures most of them would look funny, but i dont find the fun in them. anyway, I think I figured how to adjust with some things, the rest i will leave that to time and will eventually teach me how to overcome the difficulties, like they say we never stop learning ;)
    thank u so much for the cool comment (rude of me not to mention that earlier:p ) it's very appreciated :) keep checking my posts and commenting ;)

    xoxo M.B.O

  5. well now i think you are the one contradicting yourself,, as i read your first posts where you were talking about you,, anyway,, i think being optimist has always a shelf life, because life is always full of shit and it get people seriously down and depressed,, like you were in this post of yours_ so that's what you should quit,, i don't think you're arrogant :) even sometimes,, and your life will be boring without difficulties,, trust me,, unless you want a boring life,,,
    you don't have to thank me dear

    1. hi again ! well my first posts have always been about "optimism" and how to live with an optimistic attitude, I am not sure which posts you are talking about?
      Being optimist is not abt believing that no shit will happen to u, or that u'll have a "la vie en rose" kinda life, nope, it is about standing still when shit happens, cuz shit does happen but life goes on and optimism helps u go on with ur life and not be stuck in that shit. Life is all about challenges,failures, obstacles, "argh" and lotsa F words happening, but it is also full of laughter, happy moments and many blessings you wouldnt see until they are gone. Be optimist ;)
      xo marwa