vendredi 29 juin 2012

My must-have products for the summer

Elllow Dolls and Gents!
as requested on the  What to blog about post, you gals have requested the 1st topic which is "My must have products for the Summer " , i have waited for more comments, but well, the ones i had were enough since we are already IN summer , thank you Dolls for taking the time to do so, Jess, Nouha, Abir and Salha :) ,

Well ladies and gents here it comes : the list of the products that I can't have a perfect summer without:

these are the 5 essential products I use in the summer

This Nivea Masque Eclat gives the face vitamin C i.e shine and a natural brightness, ur face would look healthy and Glowing ! tested on ME ;) 

Izzi the body Mist: is kind of a perfume for the body, the smell is great and it is perfect to spray on ur arms, legs or whatever less alcohol of course which makes it fresher and of course safer for summer's wicked sun ;) 

it comes in a nice packaging aswell ;) (bought from Dubai sadly, but we do have it here in Tunis, i've seen body mists at some "parfumeries" on of them is on "passage"

and this is my fav product of all, u know that i have blogged about Jhonson's baby oil  here and its amazing makeup removing powers, now i'm refering to it as my perfect summer moisterizer AND hair product !

my fav sun screen, perfect for combination skin like mine and it's covering that it makes me skip foundation ! true story ;) 

We all need a protective lotion to apply when we're in the beach to give us that perfect tan: here is mine, the SFP is perfect, and so is the result: a unified bronzy tan, and voila you're a Godess ;) 

Nivea Masque Eclat: 2.500dt you can find it mainly in Monoprix, Tunisia or France
Izzi Body Mist: about 8 dhs or something, you can find in Carrefour City Centre Dubai
Johnson's Baby Oil: about 7dt found at any pharmacy, super market or parfumerie anywhere in the world of course
Uriage 90 uvb: about 27dt found at pharmacys 
Nivea Sun lait Protecteur Golden Bronze : 11 dt (i think) found at Carrefour or  any drug store.
So here are my must have products of the summer, that are affordable, and very useful (to me) . What are yours ?

Stay Happily Fashionable !

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

4 commentaires:

  1. Merci pour ce post Marwa ! :)
    Je pense que je vais acheter le Jhonson's baby oil
    et l'écran Uriage. Tes arguments m'ont vraiment convaincu ! :)
    Bisou et merci encore de partager avec nous tes petits secrets :p

    1. thank u sooo much Jess for the sweet comment ! wise shopping choice btw ;) and what abt UR summer essentials? what do u use in the beach for protection and taning ?

    2. wallahi éna d'habitude j'utilise un écran men 3and zein el atat si tu connais. c une marque libanaise ( sur heya tv), famma plusieurs boutiques ( ariana, manar...), protection 100, ama elle est trop grasse !

    3. nope this is the first time i hear this creme's name . maybe u should try uriage 90 !