jeudi 17 mai 2012

Polka Dots, Jess and a Store...

Suspense is over (i'm sure you checked  Jess's version of the fun fun day) here is the post about the exquisite day Jess and I had last weekend. Like i said in the last post it was essentially a MEF  interview  for the famous  Sisi Store . So we got there and we had so much fun, Sandra the owner was very kind and pretty cool i have to say, i also met someone i actually liked very much, she is a gorgeous woman Afef Ben Ammar who works in the Law sector but  whose passion is Fashion (duuuh) and so she designs clothes, very corful, very happy, very optimistic, I LOVED THEM !!!! we talked about Fashion, about Tunisia and how being different is very hard here, how people dont want to stand out from the crowd , being  unique scares them. I am not going to keep on talking about this, i think i would rather leave it for a special post !

inside Sisi Store

is it that obvious that I'm over excited ?

Found my crush ! a green dress with blue prints, totally in love with it !!
thid dress is By...Me ! Afef ben Ammar's ! loving her taste and line !

White shoes are the new summer must.

So the interview is over, now we decide to head somewhere nice and cool ( it was a very warm day; like crazy hot !)  for some pitures, but instead Jess had the idea of DahDah our tunisian amusement park, she said: "Marwa with ur braids and the colors we're wearing it can only be DahDah " i said let'seuuu goooo :)
and the result was a set of amazing, funny glam Fab pictures by the incredibly talented Jess !

Nothing better than Jess saying Hi before moving to the other section. "Hi"

Here comes the set of the DahDah Amusement Park photoshoot : a mixture of a russian hair do with  braids, polka dots, and a Ying Yang outfit, with a touch of a maxi Blue Dress and a Pastel jacket and of course the VOGUE Turkiye !!

And Girls just wanna have fu-uh-un 

Cant a Girl have some tête à tête time with her Vogue !!!

Paparazzi Oh Not Again !!!

back to u Vogue hon, (...) u were saying ?

Aigooo ( the korean cuteness)

as you can see here the lipstick color matches the clutches' !
Vogue is Anytime Anywhere Nomatter What ...

Shhhhhhhht.........Vogue Time !

It's been 3months that I got and im still not over it, yep it happens :D

reminds me of Mariah Carey's Fantasy :)

(...)and then Jess asked me to ride an elephant, but I chose him, cuz he's BLUUUUUUE !! 

The Blue Euphoria, never seen it ? Now U do :D
OK enough with me, I know you're already bored and asking why is Jess behind the camera ! For a few moments I got to be behind the camera and put the beautiful Jess in the spotlight, don't judge me, it's my first try, i'll get better !! Here she comes :

I had a secret crush on this Fab bag !! loving the Blue / brownish combo!

I won"t say a word, VOGUE concentration time ! i've been there ,  shhhhht

Finally we found someone to take a picture of us together :

Yep, very sexy I know :D

and so I wanted to finish this post with a very special video Jess posted on Youtube, i didnt know about it until she tweeted about it, i thought ut was something shot for fun ! but Im very thrilled with the result , she's amazing !  tou can find the video here At the amusement park  or if you  want to watch it here :

My Sisi Store interview is here, and Jess's post is this way !

I couldnt help posting this Mariah Carey Video , Fantasy that suits the park theme perfectly !

Stay tuned for another exciting post to come pretty soon inchalah, I'm trying new things with makeup and nails, and having cool projects, I will keep mu followers and those who check my blog updated of course !

xoxo Marwa, Me Blind Optimistic...

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  1. sisi stooore,, love it :D
    am gonna be there in some days inchalla!!

    1. thank u so much vita Luna
      keep us updated abt ur visit, m addicted to ur blog now ;)
      xoxo Marwa

  2. Marwa ! Every time i see your blog i have a BIG smile ! I LOVE the way your write your posts ! Very funny and AMAZING !!!
    It was such a good day girl ;)

    1. THANK U SOOO MUCH !! u inspire my writings girl ;) im happy it made u happy :)
      and yes it was an amazing day, ghlébna ess5ana eli y9olek :D Girl Power !!

  3. souds like a fun fun day! loved the outfits

    1. thank u so much Shizzy !
      xoxo marwa
      btw im enjoying ur blog a lot ^^

  4. Girls you rock :) and BTW a hair tutorial is mandatory... pleaaase