mercredi 23 mai 2012

Me Today : Make up and Hair

Hi Dolls and Gents !
Hoping this post finds you well !
Waiting for more comments about the What to blog about ? post , I wanted to try out new things. Today I am blogging about today's make up and hair !

my makeup consisted of a cat eyeliner with bright and colorful eye shadow and some blue crayon under my lower lashes. this is what I used :

REVLON ColorStay liquid eye pen 01 blackest black

Essence sun club 01 South Beach Palette :  I used these two colors 

Flormar waterproof  eyeliner  No:114

My nails were Blue ! ( yeah i'm a blue freak just to remind you :D )

Nail Polish OST N.77

 My hair : a ballerina bun done with a sock, if you want to know how to do it , it's right here  :)

How the bun looks from the side

this how the Bun looked from above

So this is my look today : hair and make up !
what was yours ?

Stay Gorgeous !

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

4 commentaires:

  1. Love love love this makeup ! And the blue touch just rocks !
    My makeup today was nothing, oh i would say scary :D and it'll be like that untill i finish my paper :(
    I'm going to comment to previous post right now :)

    1. thank u so much Jess dear !
      do u mean the blue under my eye or on my nails ? :D
      and im sure u look fab in the must-study mood ! and i'm sure u'll rock the paper and the exam !
      best of luck
      thank uuuuu for the comment
      xoxo marwa

  2. So cute! I really liked your flicked liner Marwa! And I'm on my way to read about the sock bun tip :) xoxox

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