vendredi 11 mai 2012

Effective NO STINGING Make up Remover

Are you on a low budget like me ? are you sick and tired of the makeup removers that never remove the waterproof mascara ? I think I found the solution: Johnson'Baby oil ! I've always loved the Johnson n  Johnson brand and i use some of their products for my daily beauty rituals (Johnson's vaseline and  Johnson's baby powder), and this baby oil is just perfect as a make up remover ! it removes water proof make up without stinging at all , red lipstick, khôls and basically EVERYTHING ! it costs 6 or 7 dinars, pretty cheap for its quality and many uses.

this is what I used :

1. Johnson's Baby Oil Bottle
2. Cotton pad
3. Crayon -black-
4. Red lipstick hard to remove
5. Waterproof mascara

I applied the red lipstick , black khôl and the waterproof mascara on my hand

 I took a cotton pad and put a few drops of the Johnson'Baby oil :

and the result was this : makeup removed easily leaving the skin clean and soft:

and here it is removed completely

Johnson'Baby oil exists in its original version (pink bottle), but you can also find it in a lavender soothing version and a fresh Aloe Vera version :


Aloe Vera&Vitamin E

I also use Johnson'Baby oil  for massage, for my hair during summer, sunbathing, and as a  moistrizer: you apply it  after the shower on wet skin and it becomes so soft and you'll smell like babys ;)  !! true story !

this what i tried and loved, what did you girls try and liked ? please dont hesitate to share it with me !

xoxo Marwa Me Blind Optimistic...

7 commentaires:

  1. J'adore ton idée !:)
    Moi j'utilise de l'huile d'olive pour démaquiller les yeux, et de l'eau de rose comme lotion rafraîchissante matin et soir.

    1. Thank u Jess !!
      olive oil is very good for the skin too, u might mix it with rose water to lighten the olive oil solution! and i have a perfect tonic for the night ;) stay tuned

  2. does it work for oily skin?!!
    ps: be careful of waterproof mascara, it may damage your eyelashes. just saying!!! :)

    1. oh yes it works for all types of skins, and besides u'll b washing ur face before sleeping, if ur too lazy to do it (like me very often) u can leave it a bit oily , in the morning it'll b gorgeous ! and yeah ur right abt waterproof bourjois mascara! i use that one in special occasions, i have a normal Revlon mascara for a daily use ;) xoxo

  3. been looking for a perfect MU remover for ages, I still haven't find one yet, until I saw this jhonson oil, it works like magic on the pics, I'll try it & keep u posted marmar
    ps: does it leave an oily film on the face or not?
    thank u for this discovery, keep rocking <3